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    A very good article about the style Kyokushinkai and the founder Mas Oyama by Sarah. I'm a bit suprised that she didn't include anything about Oyama's famous bull fights, or is this another one of those martial myths, something blown out of proportion?
  2. Pablo

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    Which famous bull fight? THe one where he irritated the bull so much with his strikes that it tore loose from the restraints and chased him around the barn? Or the one where the bull nailed him with a very sharp horn?


    If anyone isn't familiar with Oyama's bio, I would highly recommend it.

  3. Saz

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    The Jury is still out on whether Sosai's bullfights were totally genuine or not. Some people say they were, while others say the bulls had their horns tampered with etc. Whether or not any of it is true or not, I can't say.

    If you are interested in Oyama's bullfights, there's a good article here with a nice picture of him in dodgy shorts :)
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    Good article,
    I hadn't heard much about the art before now.


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