KYOKUSHIN - the best karate style ???

Discussion in 'Karate' started by akira2000, Oct 31, 2004.

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    If you don't know much about this can you make a statement like that?
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    Hey I was enjoying your post here, then saw my name hahaha.

    Yes IKO-1 Matsui group. I left temporarily to join Royama's new group. Politically they were (are) a mess, so rejoining IKO-1 as we speak. My Shihan just returned today from Japan, and we are all set.

    Very true about individual dojos...Even in Kyokushin. IKO-1 I have found to be very consistent in the quality of karateka and instructors though. I have been fortunate to have a truly great teacher. I received my BB from Hiroshige shihan in japan via our Los Angles dojo.
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    I agree with you on the IKO-1 even though some other sensei still argue with Matsui; I read something a month or two ago about the law suits over the Kyokushinkaikan logo. I think maybe this coming summer I'm going to try to spend a month at Yamaki's dojo in CA(gf is gone for at least a month :D ) to brush up on my knockdown karate(I'm actually getting burnt out on muay thai).
    It's too bad that Nicholas Pettas broke off on his own, I enjoyed seeing him go places int he Filho/Feitosa posse. The first time I met Feitosa I made the biggest fool out of myself; it was at a muay thai fight card and Pettas was sitting next to him...I pulled out a gong kakutogi magazine that had a picture of Filho after a k-1 victory holding his kid and asked Feitosa to sign it..I couldn't make this up if I wanted too. He gave me a weird look for a few seconds and I realized what I did. AT that time(this was 98') Filho was one of my biggest idols. to try and make up for my foolishness I flip around the pages and find a picture of him and ask him to sign it..of course it' spics of him fighting Aerts when Aerts beat him. I got Pettas autograph too and talked to the guys, they were pretty nice. Was able to go up to Filho and get his autograph too, I was amazed how soft spoken he was. Anyway you know the story how I made a ass out of myself in front of Feitosa. Pettas has some of the most flashiest kicks I've ever seen in knockdown and mod. muay thai fights..and he can make 'em work sometimes.
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    Ok . who are they?

    And when where they 3 fights?

    Regards Kerling
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    Please come to LA. We have the dojo on the west coast. POWER KARATE in Manhattan beach, Ca (LA). Yamaki has been here a couple of yuears now. I train and teach under Patrick Fard. Our website is down right now as Matsui had us disable it for a few weeks while we get rematriculated into IKO-1 after leaving for Royama group. True about all the lawsuits nad political crap. I hate it, but being back with IKO-1 will allow us some abilities to engage in various things that we couldn;t before. We also have the only Uechi-Deshi anywhere around. We have one fighter living here from ASrmenia and is fighting in Vancover in december. Hit me on my email.
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    Yes, a bull impaled him in one of the fights, but he pulled himself off the horn and chopped off the bulls horns with a knifehand strike. He was bedridden for 6 months, but that's better than you can say for the bull, who didn't get out with his life.
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    After the fight there would be 3 things that are damaged.

    1. your ego.
    2. your dojo's reputation
    3. your dojo's *champions*
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    Couldn't have said it better myself. I have been training in kyolkushin for quite some time now, and ther areperhaps some exagerrations regarding Sosai Mas Oyama, but....he was as tough and skilled as they come.

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