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  1. Mitch

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    Quite true. So lets establish first that there is a TKD influence in what he's doing, because that's currently under dispute.

    So the next step is how much is his kick TKD and how much is it Thai? I'm not knowledgeable enough on Thai to say anything about it being Thai kick or not. But I can say that it differs from an ITF TKD kick primarily in having less rotation of the supporting foot and in not turning the hips over fully, plus I'd either step through more or perhaps deliver it off to the side more.

    There might be all sorts of reasons for this. I don't turn my hips over fully when I'm tired, or lazy, or just having a bad night. I don't rotate the supporting foot right round sometimes for similar reasons. I'm also old and slow and sometimes just mess stuff up :)

    Anywho, what he's doing in those vids may be many things, but "absolutely no TKD" as Hannibal mentions (and I respect Hannibal greatly as a poster) just isn't true, for me at least.

  2. Hannibal

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    I will happily bow down to someone who has greater exposure to TKD than I do - It really is not my forte.

    What I *have* seen as an outsider is far more MT - although the teep is actually very nicely snappy

    My MT has flashes of shukokai on occasion, but it is still MT. That is pretty much what I see here, but again I am no expert on the indiosyncracies of TKD
  3. Master Betty

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    Yeah there's influences there - I don't dispute that at all. They're not good influences though. Typical characteristics of a TKD style roundhouse is that they do turn the hips OVER fully - but they don't turn the hips through the kick in the same way a thai does. The TKD style kick, as you said, typically comes from more of a side on angle and this requires different body mechanics which can and do rob it of power. His push kicks and roundhouses are snappy, but that's not a good thing when he's taking away from the power from it. What he's doing is a mostly thai kick, but he's stopping the hips from fully rotating through the kick and unfolding the leg too straight into the kick - both characteristics taken from a TKD style roundhouse kick.

    Now just to forestall any arguments about the hips - I want to make sure I'm crystal clear when I talk about how TKD style kicks usually turn the hips completely over but don't push the hips through the opponent. The TKD kick will turn over, to a point, then stop as the kicker then tends to emply his quads to snap the kick out. As all decent TKD coaches will say - you need to turn the hips to get any sort of respectable power. However, they don't think about the hips turning in the same way a thai would - Ie. that it's exactly like chopping through something. I don't turn my body round to a certain point then rely on my arms swinging the axe to carry it beyond that point. What I do is use both at the same time and vision myself continue beyond the point of contact.

    This guy is kicking thai style, but he's kicked like a TKD guy for so long that it's currently ingrained into his mind that this is the way you do a roundhouse kick. I know as well as anyone - it's very hard to change your style of kicking at first. None of techniques look very powerful in that video.
  4. Mitch

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    Whilst I don't agree with your analysis of TKD kicks not kicking through, at least we can agree that his TKD background is apparent.

    I have to agree that changing style is exceptionally difficult.

  5. aaron_mag

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    I'm curious as to why you think he is a douche? The guy is kicking pads with a Thai trainer in Thailand. Part of receiving *instruction* is getting face to face feedback from your trainer. If there is something wrong with his kicks, elbows, knees, etc isn't that something his trainer would be going over with him in person? Isn't that sort of feedback more useful than someone on the internet watching saying, "Oh man! I can see he is doing it ALL wrong!!!"

    I'd think you'd support someone doing pad work with what seems to be a former Thai competitor.
  6. Master Betty

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    He's a douche in the way he markets himself. In the way he makes big claims about himself but the reality is a lot more down to earth. And he's a douche in the fact that he makes all sorts of claims about fighting using nothing but TKD or that he's never crosstrained etc. until he went to thailand and it's all a pack of lies. He went to thailand and trained with Tiger muay thai - admittedly the biggest tourist camp there is. He fought for tiger muay thai - possibly the worst camp there is for putting farangs up for fights with supposed pro thai boxers when it's all a bunch of crap.

    The fact that he's training in thailand etc. has nothing to do with why i think he's a douche.
  7. aaron_mag

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    Okay, see your entire post was about technique...and then you throw in a 'what a douche', implying the 'douche' comment was about technique and the padwork and not about 'how he markets himself'. So I found it confusing. I thought you were saying he was a douche for the way he was working the pads, etc.
  8. Master Betty

    Master Betty Banned Banned

    fair enough. I can understand where that came from. Na I got to talking about technique because of his comments on his own video about the technique. Which was what made me call him a douche lol.

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