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  1. Master Betty

    Master Betty Banned Banned

    hey full props, he deserves respect for getting in the ring, it's more than most people in martial arts are willing to do. Doesn't mean he isn't talking a load of rubbish though or that he doesn't deserve to be called on it when he turns up with that attitude.
  2. aaron_mag

    aaron_mag New Member Supporter

    Definitely could have been more diplomatic when posting his video. No argument there. :) But still...a nice vid, and a nice KO.
  3. Master Betty

    Master Betty Banned Banned

    On looking closer at that video, he claims the thai has 8kg weight advantage on him. That's yet another thing that's clearly not true.
  4. aaron_mag

    aaron_mag New Member Supporter

    They did seem to be about the same size (or even his opponent might have been slightly smaller). But sometimes weight is a weird thing...
  5. Hannibal

    Hannibal Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!!! Supporter

    Maybe the Thai had not gone poop before the weigh in
  6. jakobtaekwon

    jakobtaekwon New Member

    I just saw his fight on! He was amazing and he did a nice knock out kick!
  7. Master Betty

    Master Betty Banned Banned

    He wasn't amazing. He did well and it was a nice kick but don't make out like it was something it wasn't.
  8. SPX

    SPX Valued Member

    First off, it's interesting to see this thread resurrected. Thanks to the guy who did it.

    Second, you're right. I had my doubts myself. If everyone remembers, I only posted the vids because I thought they were good tutorials for learning TKD kicks. The haters here turned it into something else.
  9. Master Betty

    Master Betty Banned Banned

    ---Quote (Originally by aaron_mag)---
    I'm personally impressed. You said you'd go to Thailand and fight and you did it (be it amateur, semi-pro, or whatever). Come on people. How many of you actually expected a video of him in Thailand to be coming our way all those months ago?"

    Best of luck to you in following your dream.
    ---End Quote---
    First off, it's interesting to see this thread resurrected. Thanks to the guy who did it.

    Second, ha ha, do you actually expect Master Betty to say, "Oh, well I was clearly wrong, props to this guy"? Of course not. Dude's a hater, plain and simple.

    THIS was the original post by SPX. Made me lol so hard at the last part - shows you clearly didn't read the full thread until AFTER you posted.
  10. SPX

    SPX Valued Member

    Dude, you are like the trolliest troll on the planet. The martial arts planet, that is. Have you just been hanging out for days waiting for me to come in and say something? You also seem to hate your life. I can't imagine any other reason for someone to be as incessantly negative.

    You're right, though. People usually respond to posts in the order in which they're read and your first response wasn't to say, "Oh, I was wrong," it was to rip apart dude's performance and do everything you could to discredit it.

    Good job on at least attempting to be a good person afterward, though. With further practice, you may succeed.
  11. Master Betty

    Master Betty Banned Banned

    Actually I gave him what credit was due. I tore him to shreds for the attitude and bullcrap he came on here spewing. And I wasn't wrong. That video does nothing to prove me wrong since he's clearly not fighting a professional fighter.

    Wasn't waiting for you to post. you posted something stupid. Moronic even. I laughed and quoted it. simple.
  12. SPX

    SPX Valued Member

    So someone named "HugfanOSU" is the TKD-trained Kwonkicker? Or is it that you would only think someone might be fair to this man . . . if in fact he is the man himself?

    If I defend Chuck Norris in a thread, does that make me Chuck Norris?

    You are full of lulz.

    Actually, you responded in like 15 seconds, which was hilarious.

    BTW, it's obvious what your intentions are. I mean, your avatar is the trollface. It's blatantly clear.
  13. liero

    liero Valued Member

    finally watched the video.

    I always thought a back kick was an underused kick in any kickboxing style where the person is completely front on...
  14. caveman

    caveman Threadkiller

    You just aint down with it man, don't you know front kicks to the chin are what the kool kids are doing.
  15. liero

    liero Valued Member

    But Segal hasn't shown me how to do it properly though...
  16. Van Zandt

    Van Zandt Mr. High Kick

    Don't worry Liero, Seagal will be releasing an instructional DVD series very soon. Did you know he also taught Floyd Mayweather how to throw a left hook? I can't really describe the technique because I've never actually seen it before.
  17. Master Betty

    Master Betty Banned Banned

    no I think it's him by how rabid he typed otherwise I doubt someone would stick their neck out so far. It wasn't a case of someone being fair to another guy. It's clearly a case of the guy himself comin on here and spouting a lot of stuff that's clearly untrue.

    As for my reply within 15 seconds, I just happened to get an email notification when you replied. I didn't sit on this thread for hours waiting for someone like yourself to revive it. much as you might like to think so.
  18. Master Betty

    Master Betty Banned Banned

    They are strong and tend to catch their opponent by surprise but in most styles that stand front side on you can catch the leg, kick low, kick the back or the back of the head etc. so there are a lot of heavy heavy risks taken with throwing that kick. Not the least that you won't have any energy in the later rounds if you're throwing that technique willy nilly with power all the time. It's the equivalent of a boxer not scoring but simply looking for a KO punch all the time - the strategy relies too much on luck.
  19. Van Zandt

    Van Zandt Mr. High Kick

    You don't? Aw. I thought you really liked me too. :cry:
  20. Master Betty

    Master Betty Banned Banned

    it's purely platonic

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