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    Awesome! Thanks Brad! This is a lot more interesting than the religion thread! ;)
  2. Dead_pool

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    So, short version, Kukan balls theory, is Torquing people off Balance in order to destroy their body structure, i.e. head over chest, chest over hips, hips over feet etc. Or is there more to it then that?
  3. Brad Ellin

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    More to it than that. Torquing wasn't even involved most of the time.

    Very hard for me to explain, so I don't try. Best I could com eup with is, have you seen the web site with the girl (or President Bush) surrounded by bubbles? And with the mouse and cursor, you drag her over the bubbles and watch the body as it rolls and falls? The Kukan 'balls' that Ben describes are similiar to that.

    Remember, this is what Ben sees. I don't claim to see them, but if I try I can see the relaionship between people and objects as it relates to these balls.

    Make sense? Probably not.
  4. Dead_pool

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    Interesting, but wouldnt most simple movements be made of circles since that is how all joints of the body function?
  5. Brad Ellin

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    Probably, but Ben wasn't talking about circles, but 3 dimensional balls. Using the inside and outside (circumference) of various sizes of balls.

    Circles are rather limiting,3 directions to choose from, whereas balls have unlimted directions of travel to choose from.

    Any way, that's my take on it. Not Ben's. Email him if you would like to know more. Set up a seminar with him. It's fun and you'll learn something really cool.

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