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    :topic: Is it just me unknown or are you even more irritated since you got the "MAPs" version of the "pimp chop" from Jay Lee. :fight4:
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    AFAIK The "grandfathered in" is just for the initial fees - franchise fee: $1,000 for part time dojang, $2,000 for full time. You have to have a licensed school and be in good standings with WKSA to be "grandfathered in". I don't think rank has anything to do with it.
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    I think the " 18 Days " is so nobody sneaks in one last tournament !

    How many days is it until the tournament anyway????
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    Testing is October 9th at HQ, 24 days
    Tournament is October 10th, 25 days

    I’m quite curious what the turnout will be.
    We have students testing for BB but not many students going to the tournament even though they know they should since it’s required to make at least one tournament or seminar but some just cant afford it right now.

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    :topic: OFF-TOPIC :topic:

    Well, for someone who's been "pimp-slapped" I still seem to be fully conscious (in fact, I never even felt the least bit dizzy). And truth be told, the "sir" thing that got the good doctor so riled was only halfway heartfelt as I had heard him use that "my parents were married to each other" line of BS before, and included the SIR more as a joke (for which he took the bait; hook, line & sinker). So actually, I'm quite pleased with myself, even if not rolling on the floor with laughter.

    25 days from the 15th of Sept.

    The event is still scheduled for the 10th of Oct. AFAIK.

    (that sneaking in "one last tournament" line was quite funny BTW)
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    As you have noted yourself, Unjee, the breakdown of the economic situation will no doubt play a significant role in reducing the numbers. But I would also speculate that there will be no students encouraged to participate that attend either the Meyerland or the Pearland dojangs. There could be more schools in the local area that think going is not in their best interest (meaning they don't want to sign the franchise document) and remember that it's the local schools that usually contribute to the large number in attendance as opposed to those that require further travel and therefore must assume additional expenses in order to attend.
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    Interesting. Did you notice the line at the bottom of the page?


    We aren't just Korean or traditional anymore.
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    You are out of touch Bahng Uh Ki. It has said that for YEARS!
    But I have always wondered about the accuracy and truthfullness of the inclusion of the word "ALL" in that line!:evil:
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    I thought they always claimed that??? I certainly saw it on documents when I was involved in it.
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    Hmm. I *have* seen it before. I wonder why it strikes me now. I guess it honors the influence China, Japan, and Korea have had over each other over the millennia.
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    Sorry Renegrade, I wouldn't have posted a reply if I'd seen your post. We posted very nearly at the same time it seems.
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    Has anybody noticed that Master Byung In Lee is not listed in the WKSA page?


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    FWIW, it has been mentioned in the thread about the new WKSA website. I also heard that two students of his who happen to be school owners are definitely out but are holding out on making such information public because master Lee wanted them to wait until the "dust settles" first.

    Whether he is also out, I don't know for sure. But it sure seems like it, huh?
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    Wow! That is suprising if it is true. Thats another big ouch for WKSA. The school listing seems to be a little skimpy in regards to 7th dan & up. I hope Master Lee starts his own thing, he's a great guy!

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    So is the assumption that they are another two schools waiting to go, or that they are two of the schools missing from the new list? Could be that WKSA has beaten them to it by releasing the list first??
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    this post has been retracted as i feel i typed out of sheer suprise and may have spoke too soon
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    Longer to what???
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    AFAIK, those 2 schools are not listed anymore. And maybe that's what master BI Lee meant by "letting the dust settle." To not jump the gun by announcing it before WKSA has a chance to publish the final outcome from instituting the franchise.

    A fellow master mentioned the same thing to me in a recent email, calling him, "mister charisma." LOL

    If he does, then WKSA had better watch out! :evil:

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