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Discussion in 'Kuk Sool' started by Unknown Entity, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Silentmonk

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    I know we got sidelined, but thats kinda the whole initial point shouldn't it be an individuals choice. Kuk Sool wants to take that away. And you don't have to study a whole system to cross train. You could be spending the hour that you spend training in the gym during the week, instead of doing weights or cardio, learning something from a friend that does something else, thats cross training too. I just find it a dodgy rule. Its probably my perspective of training with people in other arts that say, well this is our idea bring yours we'll test them both see whats best for you and best for me and then decide. Thats what i mean by the fact that to the outside, that rule would "stink of fear" if you are 100% confident in your art (and I don't mean as an individual i mean the association) that it truly is the best you have no fear that if people go look at something else that they won't return to yours. Or alter it.
  2. Wolf

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    If it means anything, he was just asked to leave is Uni club (not an action I support either). He was never asked to leave the WKSA.
  3. Jae Jah

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    I like your viewpoint. If I want to train in just Kuk Sool, that's my choice. I have no problem with other people going out and cross training, if that's what helps them, good. I don't like it when either side starts talking about how they have the right way to train, it's going to be different for everyone, and a lot of it will be based on what you want out of your training.
  4. Jae Jah

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    Cult can mean a few different things. Technically, Christianity is a "cult". The word doesn't mean something negative, but people take it that way a lot of the time.

    That being said, I haven't seen anything in Kuk Sool that resembles the negative side of the word cult, but maybe I'm just lucky so far.
  5. You Won Hwa

    You Won Hwa Valued Member

    I'm sure it is a lot less intriguing than you make it sound, but I'm not asking. You'll share if you want to!
  6. ember

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    I'm not comfortable with the way it fell out, either. But as I already posted here, I felt that the attitude at that time came across as disrespectful rudeness. And not in a healthy "laugh at ourselves" way, either. The internet is not good at portraying tone of voice.

    I'm glad AZeitung's still with us online, and doesn't seem to have too many hard feelings.

  7. Choiyoungwoo

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    ok that means that the uni club leader took it upon himself to dismiss the student somehow, not wksa.....i have never seen wksa kick anyone out... ever!! except when funds flow is interupted.
  8. ember

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    That's a really good article, IMO.

    I gotta admit, my impression of Kuk Sool when I was an undergrad was not good. I figured someone had hybridized TKD, Hep Ki Do, etc., and I was happy with TKD. It took a combination of a need to get back into MA, and a particular recommendation from a good friend and former student at my school, to get me interested.

    When I was signing up, and the instructor told me that Kuk Sa Nim had systematized the study, I was in a "Yes dear, smile and nod" mood, figuring I'd see for myself.

    Just one particular note... I can't tell you the number of times I've seen a brand-new student be brought in for an introductory lesson from "Instructor Barry".

  9. Unknown Entity

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    KSN Matt, you say nobody knows your body better than you do....i'm sorry but I have to disagree with you...nobody knows how your body feels better than but in general terms i have to disagree!

    I train and have trained with various world class athletes such as world record holders for powerlighting, benching, sports scientists, physios, etc. We have shared experiences and knowledge (mainly there knowledge..lol) and they have been able to improve my performace just from watching my body movement etc and then advising me. There I was thinking that I knew my body best and how to get the best out of it then with one slight change I had improved a variety of aspects. By having someone to improve your technique etc you then improve yourself...which in a nutshell means you perform better...if you know your own body so well then your technique would be flawless as you would know how to get the best results every time...this is not a personal dig...when I say "you" I mean everyone in general.

    To assume you know best about anything in general is to show a closed mind and an ignorant attitude towards many things in life, not just in training. Again this is not aimed at you personally.

    I like to have an open approach to training.....never like to have a full cup of tea as I won't be able to taste anyone else's!!
  10. psbn matt

    psbn matt great sage = of heaven

    what you are talking about is technique, and i agree with everthing you said. however when i say i know my body, i mean that i know what my body is capable off, how far it can go, how much pain i can take, how flexible i am ect, no else could possibly know this as they don't live in my body, and have to put up with all its aches and pains and faults, as i improve i am constantly reaprising what my body is capable of. there is all ways room to improve technique, and i will gladly except any training/advice i can get to improve just that. knowledge shared by someone is knowledge gained by someone else

    i never take anything said on here as a personal assault, and value your opinions and views just as much as anyone elses, even if they conflict with mine.
  11. AirNick

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    Even mine?
  12. Unknown Entity

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    I'm sure he could make an exception for you!! lol
  13. psbn matt

    psbn matt great sage = of heaven

  14. Unknown Entity

    Unknown Entity New Member


    I think we were going along the same lines just wording it differently..lol

    Knowing our body and how our body feels I class as 2 separate things.

    I agree that I know my pain threshold etc better than anyone


    I also know there are people out there who can alter things making me improve what my body can do.
  15. psbn matt

    psbn matt great sage = of heaven

    great minds think alike, but don't allways talk the same langage. lol.
  16. Silentmonk

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    Damn we needed a translator we wouldn't have argued the body point then :D I was kinda coming from the Entity standpoint sorry :)
  17. Unknown Entity

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    Oi! monk! How many times do I have to tell you! You can't be in my gang! lol
  18. ember

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    So, did you go looking for the ultimate martial arts experience, and find it in Kuk Sool?

  19. Choiyoungwoo

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    I was referred to a MA teacher who happend to teach KS.. Not the other way around. But I will happily say that KS can be that, if you can find your way through all the cultural and stylistic baggage and not get lost in the fantasy of it all.
  20. kiseki

    kiseki beating shadows since '06

    Why are you against that stuff? All the cultural and stylistic stuff I have seen I have enjoyed. Are you saying it is in general unnecessary, or just that it isn’t' all that great in KSW?

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