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    Whilst the majority of your story is plausible, I have to question the fact that it was an Allosaurus he saw. Seeing as they were predominantly located in what is now North America. How could it have been an American that invented fire and spears when we already know that the Korean's invented everything including oxygen. ;) :p
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    herbo_ksw don't be silly...Koreans OBVIOUSLY found America first and the silly cave man just copied what he saw the Koreans do.

    Sheesh...crack a history book every once in a while, would ya? ^^
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    Actually, it was the Vikings who first discovered America but, to give them due credit, they at least kept quiet about it... Not like that ****ing Cristopher Columbus! ;)
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    Regarding the ancients:

    Analects 7:1. Confucius said, "I transmit but do not create. I believe in and love the ancients. I venture to compare myself to our old P'eng."

    Regarding war/military/martial:

    Analects 13:29. Confucius said, "When good men have instructed the people [in morals, agriculture, military tactics] for seven years, they may be allowed to bear arms."

    Analects 13:30. Confucius said, "To allow people to go to war without first instructing them is to betray them."

    Martial art is not contrary to the teachings of Confucius.
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    Yes, but what is now North America was part of Laurasia :cool:

    In paleogeography, Laurasia (pronounced /lɔːˈreɪʒə/, /lɔːˈreɪʃiə/[1]) was the northernmost of two nearly equal area supercontinents that came about around 200 Mya in the late Mesozoic era as a part of the split of the huge Pangaea supercontinent that is believed to have existed from its formation about 500 Mya[2]. Laurasia was located in the north after Pangaea split into two separate supercontinents, the other being Gondwanaland in the south.

    The name combines the names of Laurentia, the name given to the North American craton, and Eurasia. As suggested by the geologic naming, 'Laurasia' included most of the landmasses which make up today's continents of the northern hemisphere, chiefly Laurentia (i.e. the core North American continent), Baltica, Siberia, Kazakhstania, and the North China and East China cratons.
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    I thought coastal migration (by boat?) from Korea during a period when the north-west USA was free of ice was considered to be one possible origin of the pre-Clovis American sites? The Siberians only came later by foot over the Bering Straight when things iced up and the water levels dropped
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    He is the same Person. His full name is Rolando Valbuena Garcia
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    Thanks for the the clarification, MACA, but I wasn't the one who was confused. :thinking:

    Therefore I've included the linked post from the post of mine which you linked in your post (#147). :cool:

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    Jack Harveys instructor was the late Bob Zefo
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    The late Bob Zefo was Jack harveys instructor
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    Ed Sanches was in Kuk Sool Won several years before Jeff Green under Paul Garza in the 70's.
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    His instructors were Bob Zefo, & Paul Garza before that
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    If you trained with these guys in the Late 70's I've got to know you I'm sure. If you are interested text me at removed. I'd love to catch up.
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    Him bob zefo ed Sanchez i believe trains under Paul Garza

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