Krav Maga in Sydney, Ron Engelman

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Mad-about-Bagua, Nov 19, 2008.

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    KM in Sydney

    I have not been to his classes but I did go to KM classes (more like a 4 hour seminar) at the Uni of Sydney and UNSW a few years ago. They were conducted by the Newcastle KM group as there was no Sydney centre then (apart for the Tactical KM at Darlington).

    They were good basic self defence stuff, but combat techniques tended to be compliant rather than resistance training. That was my only criticism. IMHO - the KM classes I have seen are good for the awareness training and to open your eyes to the realities of self defence (i.e. multiple opponents, chaotic cluttered environment etc) but not as good on training against resisting opponents. I train elsewhere for that. However the courses were definitely worthwhile. My suggestion is that you try it.

    Sorry I could not be more relevant but as no one was answering I thought it may be better than nothing.

    Good luck - I am interested in how you find it. Post your experiences and impressions here after you have been.
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    Thanks for the response. It is helpful. Just one point, can you elaborate what you mean by Compliance and Resistance training ?
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    I think i can help there: imagine you are practising a wrist release and takedown.

    Compliance training is when your opponent applies no "resistance" to your technique, they let go of your wrist without using any strength to hold on and will allow you to take them to the ground without a struggle or pulling you with them.

    Compliance training is important when you are learning a technique so you know the fundamentals of the move.

    Resistance training, on the other hand, as the name implies- is when your partner will resist the techniques you are using on them. for example, with the wrist release they hold on hard, will pull at your arm, even try to hit you with a free hand while you are trying to escape the hold. for your takedown, they may root in their legs to stop you, pull you to the ground with them or even sprawl or reverse the takedown.

    resistance training is more effective for real life situations as it teaches you if your technique will work under pressure. however, there is a possibility of injury and some schools/styles/instructors have different opinions on how much resistance should or should not be given for practising different scenario's.

    there is a LOT of discussion about the debate between resistance training, and also 'aliveness' and starting another discussion about it is probobly not appropriate in this thread.

    check the KM place out and let us know how it goes, I live in sydney as well...if its good i might check it out :)
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    As Liero said.
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    Krav Maga - Engelman


    Did you go to the KM classes? If so, any feedback on how good they were? I am interested to know as I may go in the New Year.

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