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Discussion in 'Koryu Bujutsu' started by Kogusoku, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. Kogusoku

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    I thought it would be a good idea to have an international list of dojo that are active outside of Japan.

    Please leave your submissions here please. Koryu only please.

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  3. Kogusoku

    Kogusoku 髭また伸びた! Supporter

  4. Kogusoku

    Kogusoku 髭また伸びた! Supporter

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    Takamura ha Shindo Yoshin ryu


    Shindo Yoshin ryu was founded by Matsuoka Katsunosuke at the end of the Edo Period. He was licensed in Tenjin Shinyo ryu, Yoshin Koryu, Jikishinkage ryu, Hozoin ryu and studied Hokushin Itto ryu.


    Branch dojo's listed here:


    All my best.

    Toby Threadgill
  7. Kogusoku

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    Thanks Toby,

    Good to see you here again.
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  9. Kogusoku

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    Sorry mate, that should read Shu-toku-kan (修徳館 ), not Shotoshukan.

  10. max Chouinard

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    Quite right, should have taken the time to reread myself. To amend here are two other locations, Seattle and Portland, both in Araki ryu and Toda ha buko ryu naginatajustu.

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  12. max Chouinard

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    Seems like there is a Yakumaru Jigen ryu group opening some time in the near future in Fort Wayne IN : http://www.yakumarujigenryu.us/

    Bring your ear plugs ;).
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  14. Kogusoku

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    Hmm, they're using video footage that I shot a couple of years ago.
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  16. ScottUK

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    Hehe copyright lawyer, anyone...? ;)
  17. Stolenbjorn

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    Theese (the Kristiansand-branch: Kakudokan Honbu Dojo, Kristiansand 覚道館本部道場クリスチャンサン
    Eri Kusano, 6. dan
    Såzen Larsen Kusano, 5. dan ) -are the ones I've been in contact with, comparing WMA with Katori ****o Ryu, and two of their students train WMA with me :)

    I did not discuss with the japaneese current teachers of the Kristiansand-school, but one of their experienced students (Haakon somthing) who trained the class in Kristiansand before the japaneese moved there and took over the class.

    Nice people :) (-apart from one of their students who fell into the "my style is better than your style"-trap :D )
  18. Polar Bear

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    What on earth did those poor sticks do? One thing being beaten like a red haired step child but all that screaming!.

    The Bear.
  19. max Chouinard

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    Its their way of building hip power instead of relying on arms (think the pell). But from what I heard of a practitionner of their style, if you want to ask questions about their technique, go ask them in Kagoshima :D .

    Here's another vid of their techniques, their shouting and some stepping may seem funny looking from the outside, but one of my students trained at their dojo and it's quite another thing to be in front of them. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mq6lrpzVfm4"]YouTube[/ame]

    But let's not pollute the thread, it's suppose to be a directory.
  20. zealuk

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    Just to clarify, the first clip is Yakumaru Jigen Ryu, the other is Jigen Ryu Hyoho - different schools.
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