Korbys fight.

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by NaughtyKnight, Jun 30, 2005.

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  1. Korpy

    Korpy Whatever Works

  2. Ikken Hisatsu

    Ikken Hisatsu New Member

    you dont seem to be getting the point. nothing wrong with some friendly sparring. korpy hit his "mate" hard enough to floor him, and hard enough that he couldnt continue fighting. thats not "a friendly boxing match".

    you also seem to think we care if you get hurt. I couldnt care less, darwinism in effect. I care when anti boxing agencys etc use stupid kids as ammunition against boxing, which is what would happen if someone were to get hurt.
  3. Slindsay

    Slindsay All violence is necessary

    Silat you'r suposed to be stopping people frm posting filth like this!
  4. Trinity

    Trinity New Member

    I agree with knightcommander its fun and i still do it almost every Saturday, My boys and i get together and fight only rules no eye gouging no groin strikes and limited kneck cranks we where fingerless gloves and the main rule is DONT PLAY IF YOU CANT AFFORD TO GET HURT. i myself have learnt heaps doing this, a couple of things i have learnt are: knee,shoulder, finger and elbow dislocation hurt, you can be knocked out by one punch, a good thigh kick can finish a fight (i hate thigh kicks) and men do cry.
    Its addictive and i love it, if you dont want to do it dont do it, but once you try it you are hooked i even have my students come and play. I have won as much as i have lost and when i loose it still feels good just not as good.

    Basement garage park or where ever fighting with a good bunch of blokes who can take it as well as they dish it out (good sports) is the best.

    Oh and did i say i hate thigh kicks. Limp step limp step sob cry fall down boo hoo "M U M M Y".
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  5. We were talking about it dangerous, and the reputation it could get the sport. No one is being a killjoy, ordering you to live in a box under the stairs for your childhood.

    If it took you that to learn a dislocation hurts then I pity you. Train properly and increase your resistance to thigh kicks ;)

    I'm sure a lot of big guys in town on a friday night can take it as good as they can dish it out. Try them out.

    Thanks for that.
  6. Slindsay

    Slindsay All violence is necessary

    See a lot of this begs the question: Why not just do a Martial Art that lets you do it anyway in a safer environment?
  7. Because it's more "1337" and "t3h str33t" in a grubby old basement. And of course, all part of growing up.
  8. Slindsay

    Slindsay All violence is necessary

    I like the term Testosterone Poisoning.
  9. GojuKJoe

    GojuKJoe Valued Member

    This whole thread is stupid and pointless. People are only replying to it because they want to argue with someone and look all hard and cynical.

    Yeah, someone did something stupid, wow, get over it.
  10. Slindsay

    Slindsay All violence is necessary

    But Im not big enough to be cynical anywher else :cry:
  11. GojuKJoe

    GojuKJoe Valued Member

    I was mostly referring to Norm, who seems to be just arguing for the sake of arguing, rather than actually trying to achieve anything good.
  12. Trinity

    Trinity New Member

    Mate a couple of guys in the garage beatin the snot out of each other will not give a style a bad name but what you said below will.
    To old for that anyways

    Come on dude think, i was saying that doing it even though i love it, this is the most i have learnt meaning that when i fight its seems as though i am always injured i suppose that i am kinda agreeing wit cha anyway it is dangerous i wish i didnt have to explain myself.

    He he ha ha train properly...... how long you been training dude.

    Thats OK mate glad i could assist
  13. NaughtyKnight

    NaughtyKnight Has yellow fever!

    Its not going to affect the sport. People dont think punching and kicking eachother in a basement is boxing, they think its 2 dumb kids fighting.

    And yes, I used to fight the big guys on fridays, lost appeal. I prefer to friendly spar mates and then have a few beers.
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  14. NaughtyKnight

    NaughtyKnight Has yellow fever!

    Trinity mate. I think that us Aussies are just too manly :D
  15. Sgt_Major

    Sgt_Major Ex Global Mod Supporter


    just to clarify. Money-shot, in this context means the KO punch ...

  16. NaughtyKnight

    NaughtyKnight Has yellow fever!


    I put Silat on the spot rofl.
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  17. Sgt_Major

    Sgt_Major Ex Global Mod Supporter

    lets keep it clean ;)
  18. I'm not the one who made it. There are plenty more things to argue about in life than "I had a fight". Just the fact this idea was dredged up from a closed thread. Why not? The whole thread was made for an argument!!!

    7 years. I'm not saying I'm bukaaw or anything - just telling you a safer environment to "practice" and a way to resist the pain. It wasn't some pathetic dig at you in any way.

    I've been through the "trying to achieve good". The thread got closed because, as anyone can see, it reached it's conclusion. KnightCommander then thought it fit to restart the whole topic just to continue debates. Not that he's adverse to arguing :rolleyes: If you wanna read my views, look at the other thread.
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2005
  19. NaughtyKnight

    NaughtyKnight Has yellow fever!

    Im the one that made it.

    Why? Because I felt it needed an approach from the other side. Its all well and good for a one sided fight, but two sided are much better.

    Guess its just the old Aus tradition. Going for the under dog.
  20. Ok - fine. But when I get people telling me I'm arguing for the sake of it because he's on a different side, it defeats the object. Are you after a debate, or do you just want "your lot" moving in and closing down another thread? :rolleyes:

    Guess I'm with a different tradition - judge things on their merits ;)
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