Knee Slide Pass

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    Photo order: early, medium, late stage

    1. For the early stage knee slide pass, what is the best defense if they are just pushing down on your leg? What are the best points of contact for my hands/knees/feet?

    2. For the medium stage knee slide pass, how do you defend if there is no space between their hamstring and their calf? In this video, they mention hooking the leg to setup a sweep - but in this scenario there is no space to get your lower leg in to do this. Techniques for when they have or don't have wrist control would both be helpful

    3. For the late stage knee slide pass, is it best to just consolidate into half guard?
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    First stage, right elbow to the floor, knees closer to your head, and knees right knee point to the ceiling, spine in neutral alignment, and it should kill off a lot of slices early.

    Second stage, look at reverse DLR guard, you set it up by jumping to it from before they smash you at stage one,

    Third stage, not always, for example, bump their hip with your left knee, ,get on your side and wrestle.

    Its not the slice the gets you, it's having poor body alignment, and being flat.

    This is a good place to start to get ideas:

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    Ps did you get the figures from BJJ scout, are they any good?
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    Thank you I'll work on this.

    I got them from BJJ Doc: Grappler - Model Kit For Martial Artists (FREE SHIPPING)

    I googled for a coupon that saved 5-10%.

    I just got them today and they help a lot with visualizing positions.

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