Knee issue with rolling

Discussion in 'Brazilian Jiu Jitsu' started by iky316, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. iky316

    iky316 Valued Member

    Hiya guys. Ive recently just started martial arts and joined a grappling class (no gi).

    I absolutely love it but unfortunately my knees are not as keen.

    My question is this... Do your knees get used to rolling after a while? Or has no one else experienced this and im just being a wuss?

    Anyways ive ordered some wrestling knee pads just incase. But was curious to see if this problem was just with me or not?

  2. righty

    righty Valued Member

    So what's wrong with your knees?
  3. Kurtka Jerker

    Kurtka Jerker Valued Member

    Mine still bruise but I don't notice anymore. If you're talking actual joint or ligament issues, that's something you want to get sorted before you actually roll with much force.
  4. iky316

    iky316 Valued Member

    Its just feels like a bruise on the inside of the knees and abit of it i think is friction burn aswell.

    Joints dont hurt tho so thats gud. Like i said... I have never done anything like it before so might just need to get used to it. But was curious to find out if anyone else had experienced sumat similar.


  5. Kurtka Jerker

    Kurtka Jerker Valued Member

    Yep. Fact of life for grapplers. Especially when you do a lot of Catch. Some days I go home feeling like I've been beaten with tiny hammers all class.
  6. Brian R. VanCis

    Brian R. VanCis Valued Member

    As Ratty said it is a fact of life!
  7. iky316

    iky316 Valued Member

    Cheers guys. Thought it might be. Im gona buy some knee pads just to help grapple through the bruises.


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