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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by gutshot, Aug 14, 2003.

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    depends on who does the side kick....

    A good fighter can deliver a VERY powerfull side kick from the rear and front leg.

    Timing (as with any kick) is everything..

    For example a jab and a cross followed by a cut angled rear leg sidekick can be devastating.

    dont forget...kicks are more dangerous as part of a combination rather than single techniques delivered by themselves.
  2. kickass

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    its not about the fighter, the way the kick is makes it a powerful kick, however who the fighter is does play into it.
  3. glenchuy

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    do pure KB practitioners really do jumping spinning roundhouse kicks? i was under the impression that we only do those on 2 occasions-

    1.) there's a reporter nearby
    2.) there's a cute chick we need to impress :D

    seriously though, i avoid the jumping spinning roundhouse kicks like the plague. i've been seriously injured once when i threw one of them to "show off" (as a finishing hit on a spar) and ended up with a twisted ankle after it was slipped, and countered with a side kick... ooouch.
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    we have to do jumping spinning for brown belt kb. in comps ect ppl only really do them to A;show off B; cos they are good at them C; cos they can :) i do not like this kick as by the time you get in the air they will already have hit you if they are any good.
    it is a bit like jumping back in the way that if you land wrong you are going to hurt something :confused:

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