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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by gutshot, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. gutshot

    gutshot New Member

    i was wondering... i just started kickboxing and the only kicks they have me doing are a push kick and low, waist and high roundhouse kicks. are other kicks allowed in kickboxing, such as side kicks?
  2. johndoch

    johndoch upurs

    you can pretty much use any kicks in Kickboxing, although the kicks used tend to be the more practical ones such as front/round/side.

    btw is it thai boxing or straight kickboxing
  3. gutshot

    gutshot New Member

    well it isnt traditional thai boxing, but when people from the school i go to compete they can choose to compete with thai rules and some of the more advanced students spar with thai rules and stuff like that, but its basically just all around kickboxing.
  4. Tosh

    Tosh Renegade of Funk

    Just out of interest,

    what are the "rules" for kickboxing

    and also

    What kind of use (if any) would a twisting kick be in competition?(i.e. if kicking with left, target would be inner thigh on opponents forward right thigh.. attacking with the ball of the foot.)
  5. gutshot

    gutshot New Member

    hmm i dont know the exact rules but in full contact no kicks to legs but in kickboxing you can kick the legs i think and then thai rule you get to elbow and stuff too, what are you going on about with the twist kick thing.. i have no clue what you mean, but i am curious
  6. KenpoDavid

    KenpoDavid Working Title

    Maybe once you are no longer a beginner you will learn more...
  7. stump

    stump Supersub

    The variety of kicks is not that great in punching in boxing it's the same thing over and over in differnt combinations.

    Watch other guys sparring and try and try to copy the other kicks they do....if you make an **** of it you'll be corrected :)

    And you'll be learning!!!!
  8. gutshot

    gutshot New Member

    yeah, the thing was that i didnt see the more advanced guys using any sidekicks, they pretty much stuck to the same stuff i was doing.. except they did it much better... so i thought maybe there were rules against certain kicks or something
  9. TheMachine

    TheMachine Valued Member

    all kicsk in tkd are used in kickboxing plus the low kicks. The kicks being taught to you right no are the more practical ones which you will score more points in a tournament and be able to use in a fight
  10. SoKKlab

    SoKKlab The Cwtch of Death!

    There aren't any kicks disallowed in Kickboxing or Muay Thai, it's just that a 'distillation process' has gone on in the ring sports and the ring sport side of Muay Thai.

    Hence, alot of kicks are relatively useless in a ring environment.
    Unless you were Andy Hug (Axe kick against Hoost K-1 1996).

    In Kickboxing bouts you tend to see the most common kicks IE Roundhouse and Front Kick. You may also see to a lesser extent, Side Kick, Spinning Back kick, Spinning Back Heel kick, some Jumping kicks etc.

    In Ring Rules Muay Thai you generally see the two most common kicks, The Roundhouse and the Front Kick (and variations upon them).

    You will occassionally see a Side Kick, but the main problem with this kick, is that it's either too slow (Rear Leg), or lacks enough power to do any damage (A Problem that San Shou/ San Da fighters have found against Muay Thai fighters in their bouts). Sometimes this kick is used as a stop, to check the forward movement of the other fighter.

    You'll occassionally see Spinning Back Heel kick, particularly when one fighter is trying to either intimidate the other, to 'boss' the ring, or they fancy their chances.

    Jumping Kicks only really figure if the other fighter is really 'extracting the urine' and feels that they own the ring. Usually in the latter rounds.
  11. Snakescales

    Snakescales New Member

    twisting kick

    I 've never really been taught that 'twisting kick' but I've seen it. It's good for throwing people off balance, opening them for a groin shot or a high hit. Only time I've seen it is someone using JKD though. They'd most likely allow it in muay thai but they'd hit with the lower shin instead of the heel.

  12. Apache

    Apache New Member

    That really depends under what many organizations rules you compete under. There are strict rules in most tournaments and you will be penalized if you break the rules. But the rules are more like no elbows or no low kicks than no spinning back kicks or helicopter kicks Van Damme style.
  13. kickass

    kickass I AM THE 11th COMMANDMENT

    me confoosed

    side kicks lack power?? you're gonna need to expain that one. :confused: :D

    i've always thought side kicks and skip side kicks were your most powerful techniques. my sensei even confirmed this.

    please explain,
  14. Ikken Hisatsu

    Ikken Hisatsu New Member

    side kicks are powerful, if you land it right on. but they are too slow, too risky if you miss, and are difficult to do from a thai fighter stance. Basically, there are better kicks you can do.
  15. alex_000

    alex_000 You talking to me?

    Spining kicks are tought in kb, straight kicks , axe kicks , side kicks, round kicks, heel kicks (when you side kick with the heel ).

    practicly everything all MT has and some TDK stuff taught with a different way.

    Spin kicks, and side kicks can be very very very strong (and usefull). If you fight amateur fights you can use em in the ring just fine.

    Pros dont use em for two reasons.
    1)They are conditioned to they take a ton of damage in the torso
    2)When you execute a side kick in KB you are always positioned bad after the kick for a milisecond ti'll you resume your guard, thats enough for a KO. This Doesn't happen with a roundhouse kick or an axe kick. If you miss is even worce.
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  16. kickass

    kickass I AM THE 11th COMMANDMENT

    i get it now

    i get it now. thanx guys.
  17. Scarlet Mist

    Scarlet Mist Banned Banned

    Why are you positioned badly after the kick? what do you mean positioned badly? I don't see anything wrong with the postion after a sidekick.
  18. kickass

    kickass I AM THE 11th COMMANDMENT

    im curious too

    good question scarlet, i was wondering about that. :confused:
  19. alex_000

    alex_000 You talking to me?

    I wish English was my native language or we where in a gym so i could show you.

    Anyway ,
    I mean you are positioned wrong before you take your guard position back, because of the direction of the force. When you sidekick the direction of the force is straight. You must have correct balance and be able to hit and then gather your leg back. Ok? The time when the leg extends/hits to the time it gathers, and/or falls down leaves a gap in defence.Thats because the direction of the force must be changed to get the leg down. The main problem is you are standing on one leg while all this happens .

    If you miss I've got time to get close and hook/cross your head while you stand on one leg for a while lacking balance. That makes you more difficult to defend and my hit more powerful plus it’s a good chance your hands will not be positioned perfectly. If I "read" you and know you'll do a sidekick and get in while you do it ... forget about it, it's a good chance i'll be hitting you while you are streaching your leg or i'll get close and prevent the leg to have enough room to hit + hitting you. This stuff may seem like neo fighting an agent but its not. When you're fighting pro you don't whant to take a hit while you're standing on one leg.

    I you do a sidekick and hit its ok (but it must hit well).

    But talking is cheap

    Try it out at your gym. Do a sidekick and say to the opponent to get in close and hit you fast starting his attack when you're finishing your kick (but he must react not wait for you to finish and take get on guard) for defence. You'll se you won't have enough time to stand on guard on both legs thus making your defence strong. Try same thing and hit air , see what happens.

    Axe kick, roundhouse kick if they miss your leg will fall naturally on the ground and you'll be on guard instantly because the direction of the force doesn't need to be changed to get your leg down. (You’ll be on your opposite guard but that's no problem.) Also with roundhouse done correctly your knee will block your opponent if he tries to get in and hit you because he'll fall on it.

    Anyway I hope you understand what I mean. Surelly someone will say all those stuff i say is bull , but getting technical in english is difficult for me , so i'll probably pass on the debate :)
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  20. fizz-lau

    fizz-lau Valued Member

    front,turning,side,axe,sickle,back,spining,all jumping,double,reverse side,hook the list goes on to include sweeps ect

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