Kickboxing vs Muay Thai: The same but different

Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by Dave76, Apr 25, 2014.

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    Indeed, the guy even mentioned the real reason why we do our lowkicks like that, but he seemed adamant in his cause to find a difference in the kick itself. :p

    To prevent any misunderstandings, we lowkick like that when we use it after our punch combination. It just comes out that way, because we're standing too close.

    When we lowkick without the punch combination, we do it like everyone else.
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    Very interesting breakdown of one of the first high level Kickboxing vs Thai matches
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    I cannot speak solely from a KB or MT standpoint. I am taught, MT stuff such as several line drills, the thai clinch, but other things that are supposedly not allowed in MT such as the foot sweep, and actual throws while in the clinch. To be fair though, none of this is competition based... it's SD based and that's it. It's how to hurt the opponent, and then get away. End it fast, but assume he will never stop coming and then BOOM he hits me in the head with the pad and says... now keep your hands up ALL THE TIME! Or he hits me and the head and says "why are you still standing there?" Hit and get out of the way, don't stand still to be hit". Then we spar... I get beat up a little, and then go home and think the rest of the week about how I can be more tricky. I did land a good leg kick yesterday though!
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    It wasn't even Muay Thai v kick boxing! It no knee no elbow no clinch, the dude would have died if it was full rules MT v kickboxing lol
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    I felt bad watching this...almost wanted to tear-up. I stopped the vid at 3min and some change...don't enjoy it at all. What does this prove?

    Take away elbows and the ability to deliver punishment in the clinch - which are primary weapons for a guy like Kiatsongrit; it'd be like de-clawing a cat and throwin 'im in an alley.

    Kiatsongrit - tough, tough, tough - which is why its heartbreaking to watch this. Carries on despite an unfair advantage of his opponent that reaches a level of obscenity.

    I just pray that if I were in R. Roufus' shoes, I'd have the balls to call it a farce and walk away.

    Its one thing to bring two fighters together with a more liberal/open ruleset, its another to force the one to essentially tie their hand behind their back in a more restrictive ruleset.

    I.e., Roufus fighting under 'A' class rules, at least, would be fair, but not the obverse as it is here.
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    Belltoller watch the full video. Roufus gets picked apart and destroyed after his, admittedly, strong first round. Even under the restrictive rule set.
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    Plus Roufus had a massive weight advantage having fought at super middle light heavy and heavyweight,Kiatsongrit prob max 70kgs .
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    As well he did. Shame on me. Seems I laid an egg and hatched it.

    Very nice turn around given his broken jaw, et al, occurred so early.

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