Kickboxing Ranks?

Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by Joe karate, Sep 1, 2003.

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    good luck :)
  2. Thanks bud ;)

    What does IAKSA stand for BTW?
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    International amature kickboxing sport association
    we are also with the BKFA[ british kung fu assoc] & BCCMA
  4. Thought I'd add what you have to do for ther belts, too :)

    First (Red), is basically 2 sequences (#1 & 2) and about 3 rounds of padwork.

    Sequence #1 - Guy 1: jab cross rear low roundhouse Guy 2: Parry parry leg Block jab cross

    Sequence 2: Guy 1: Jab rear uppercut move away from kick parry parry Guy 2: parry arm block lead front kick jab cross

    Thease are 2 exmples (easiest). They build up and become harder. You must learn 2 new ones for each new belt. From around green belt you have to do some power kicking and shadow sparring, and brown belt/black belt I don't know about yet :) You have to spar for black too I think.

    You're basically graded on knowledge of the sequences, Technique in sequences/padwork, fitness, power etc.
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    all the techniques @both guards shadowboxing doing all advanced techniques , sparring .

    It varies from one country/assotiation to another tho..
  6. Sorry, didn't get that bit. Explain?

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    sure no problem

    For Black belt You are required

    - to do all the techniques and combos you are called to do with both guards (left hand in front and right hand in front), usually you do all the techniques from all the belts .
    -Shadowbox 3x2 min doing whatever you whant but you must include some specific advanced techniques.
    -Spar 2-3 rounds .
    -Sometimes you've got to demonstrate techniques, do warmup drills and streching and know weight divisions and rules.

    ok now?

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