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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by jabcrosshook, Jun 24, 2005.

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    Wish you where scoring my matches Norm. :) :)

    I havn't seen any points fight score 5 points for jumping head kick Normal score is 3 but generally these days its 2 points unless otherwise stated also depending what comp you enter a jumping kick to the body will normally just bring you 1 point however I have seen them score 2 points.

    Most comps tend not to award points for sweeps now as they don't tend to allow them for some reason???? think it is to prevent fall injuries??? where the sweep is allowed it must be followed up imeadiatly with a strike but yet again I have seen sweeps score as you mentioned above I suppose it depends on where your fighting and how good the judging is.
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  2. I'm not a big points sparring man, TBH ;)
  3. Bograt

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    No worries mate. I know you don't like the freestyle points side.
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    1 point for punch, 2 point body kick, 3 point head kick, 5 point jump kick to head,... hmmm Bring back the good old days!!!

    Now its 2 points for head kick, 3 points for jump kick to the head. The magic side kick to the ribs is only 1 point today.

    Bograt do you remember the old WUMA circuit? The MAI's and the FSK's ?

    Those were the days!

    DAMN! this calls for a new thread!
  5. Bograt

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    Yep and there where many MA's who had a grounding in other systems too, unlike many of todays freestylists.
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    What kind of blocks does Kickboxing use? Same as boxing?
  7. For punches, same as boxing. For kicks, there are a few others :)
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    That was a good post, jabcrosshook, helps me alot
    I have another question, what's the difference between pro and amateur kick boxing? (in terms of rules, duration etc) thanks
  9. Pro boxers don't wear headguards. Some amateur bouts don't either, but pros aren't allowed. For American rules, pro fighters must kick their opponent at least 8 times during each round (6 for amateurs). Don't forget, if you were a pro in boxing or MMA, then (at least with the IKF) you are a pro in kickboxing, too.

    A good reference in regards to duration can be found here:
    Useful links:
  10. madmike

    madmike ow that hurt not

    in my kickboxing we are allowed and practise knees and elbows

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