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  1. Right, thought we needed one of these, because the same few questions are apppearing on this forum. The forum is filled with questions of "what is kickboxing" and other elementary questions.


    How do I win a Kickboxing match?
    ~Full contact kickboxing wins can be won in the following ways:
    Points - when the fight lasts the maximum number of rounds and neither is knocked out. 3 judges decide the winner based on a 10 point must system.
    KO - when one fighter is knocked to the floor and cannot restart the fight after a count of ten.
    TKO - when one fighter does not come out for the next round. When one fighter is knocked down 3 times in one round. When a fighter stops fighting due to a cut, or lack of will

    How are fights judged?
    ~Full contact: 10 point must system based on:
    Number of knock downs
    Fighter superiority/domination
    Physical condition of the fighter
    Whether a fighter has been penalised
    Wether or not the minimum kick limit has been reached (in some styles)

    ~Light continuous 3 judges decide. Fighter with most decisions wins. If a draw, an extra round is fought. Decision based on:
    Physical condition of fighters after the fight
    Equal emphasis on hand and feet techniques
    Whether or not a fighter has used excessive contact or not
    Fighter domination/superiority
    Cleanliness of the style

    It is subjective, and not always do the best results emerge!!!

    Will I get knocked out?

    Right, lets get the first point straight. You will not be fighting after your first hour!!!

    Sparring is generally lighter contact than real matches, and as such you will build up conditioning without the risk of being knocked out (small risk, anyway!). Only if you fight full contact will you have a real risk of getting knocked out/battered/whatever you want to call it.

    It is important to note, however, that kickboxing is a contact sport and as such there is a risk of being knocked out/brain damage etc.

    What styles/rules of kickboxing are there?
    ~1: American: Kicks above the waist only + sweeps to mid calf or below. Mainly turns out as boxing with some kicks. Minimum of 6 kicks for amateurs and 8 for pros per round. Say a pro makes 7 kicks in a round, he will be deducted 1 point.

    ~2: International/leg kick Kicks to head, body or legs + punches and sweeps. Main emphasis is on leg kicking which can be painful and debilitating.

    ~3: Light Continuous/l-con: American rules with less contact. If a knockdown is scored, we have options. 1: If it was intentional, DQ 2: Accidental, Judges decide 3: Fighter continues and opponent is warned. Pretending to be hurt is an instand DQ. Often ends up as young lads throwing nice combos without the fear of being wasted

    How do I start?

    Simple really...

    ~Grab a local directory/google;
    ~Search for kickboxing clubs and gyms around your area
    ~Check them all out
    ~If you like one of them, join, or come on here and tell us what you've seen

    Where do I buy kickboxing equipment from?
    ~Find a shop - Most towns have a martial arts supply shop. Your kickboxing gym might stock equipment, too.
    ~Check the retail links below for online ordering.

    What organisations are there?
    ~Ah - a great question :rolleyes: The truth is: We don't actually know. Some associations include:
    PKA, WAKO, WKA - l-con
    WAKO, ISKA, IKF, K-1 - American and leg kick
    There are many more - literally hundreds

    What protective gear/equipment is worn?
    ~American: Gloves (10oz), Shin guards, Footpads, Groin Guard, Headguard (sometimes), Mouthguard, Kickboxing pants, no shoes
    ~l-con: See American + tee-shirt/vest
    ~International: See American Without Shin guards, or footpads. Shorts are worn.

    What is the difference between Muay Thai and Kickboxing?
    ~The two feature many similarities. Both can obtain wins in the same way. There are just a few different rules. Muay Thai, the science of 8 limbs, utilises all of the striking ranges. These are kick, punch, elbow, knee and clinch. Kickboxing specialises in punching and kicking, with no elbows (normally) or knees allowed. Clinching is kept to a minimum.


    Below is a list of most of the main kickboxing techniques, with a small explanation next to them. This will not teach you how to do the kick - it will merely help you to get the idea of what someone is talking about when they tell you to do a "roundhouse"


    Jab - a straight punch thrown with the leading hand TARGET - face, body
    Cross - a straight punch thrown with the rear hand TARGET - face, body
    Lead hook - bring the arm out parallel to the ground, bent at the elbow. Twisting on the lead foot, bring the arm through in the bent position. TARGET - jaw/side of face, ribs, torso
    Rear hook - lead hook using the rear hand, turning on the rear foot TARGET - jaw/side of face, ribs, torso
    Lead uppercut - bend the arm at the elbow so the forearm is parallel to your body. Turning your shoulders, strike up with the bent arm TARGET - chin, solar plexus
    Rear uppercut - lead uppercut from the rear arm TARGET- chin, solar plexus
    Overhand - looping punch. Like a hook thrown downwards. TARGET - break the guard


    Front kick - The foot comes up bent in front of the body. Toas pointing back, the leg is snapped out straight towards the opponent.
    Teep/push kick - See front kick, but instead of the foot being flicked straight, it is pushed out, "pushing" the opponent back.
    Roundhouse - The leg is brought up bent. The knee faces the target at an angle, and the lower leg is extended towards the target. Funny one to explain. Striking areas include the shin and instep of the foot.
    Crescent kick - The leg is brought across the body, and then snapped round again to the outside.
    Side kick - The soul of the foot hist the opponent, with the foot parallell to the ground.


    Mitts/Focus pads - Used for timing and accuracy in punches and kicks: (#1)
    Strike shields - Used for power kicking training. (#2)
    Thai Pad - Ideal pad for practicing kicks (especially roundhouses :)) (#3)


    More to come!!!


    If you see something you like, by all means post on the KB forum asking us about it and we'll pass our opinions :) Below are all the online retail links I can think of off the top of my head...

    DISCUSSION BOARDS - Our beloved MAP :love: - AX kickboxing


    Below are a few threads from here on MAP which cover interesting questions, raise interesting points, or are just interesting to read... - Lots of basic questions about kickboxing answered here. - Does your gym allow leg kicks when sparring? - Another "difference between MT & KB thread :rolleyes: - Where did kickboxing originate from?

    Perhaps a MOD could sticky this :) This FAQ will continue to grow. I will add more FAQ (no time now), and sites later!!! If any of the links don't work, let me know. If you have an organisation website, let me know, and if you have any other question, post it in the MAIN FORUM - preferably not on this thread. Ta :)
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    Thanks Norm! :) :cool:
  3. No problemo!!!

    It's fun for me to write this (What better to do at 2:53AM GMT?)

    It's nowhere near finished yet, and if someone has a question (or feels I've missed something, reply here and tell me!!!
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    great stuff norm, you dont mind if I steal the idea for the muay thai forum? its about time we had more stickies in the kickboxing/thai boxing forums.
  5. Go for it mate. I'm gonna ply this one with loads more stuff, but have one for MT by all means! More the better.
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    Hi Norm

    I told you i'd check this out, and I am impressed young man :) :)

    I would not have had the inclination to do what you have done in such detail.

    I take my hat off to you buddy.

    Any slight quarms arn't even worth mentioning because you have covered things extreemilly well

    Well done.
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    I'm learning from this. :)
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    This is great stuff, awesome job Norm!
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    Only messing guys.

    One thing to remember though Korpy is that each associations rules will differ slightly. for example the spinning back fist has been deemed an illegal technique in some styles Light con WKA for one unless the technique is split into two parts ie spin stop and then back fist rather than the full turning back fist which as the name sugests is done in a continuous movement.

    Sorry Norm i'll butt out now. :D :Angel:
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    Hey if he was a teacher I would take his class for Kickboxing, or Ikken's for Muay Thai if he was a teacher too.

    But in their profile, one is in England, and one is in New Zealand.

    Also I'm not like that, I'm a guy. :D
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  14. Nah, all give suggestions. If I was to put all the rules on, however, the whold of MAP would be my FAQ!!! The FAQ is intended to give beginners a guide as to what kickboxing really is.
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  16. If you've taken in 1% of what I've told you on this thread and the other one, you are no longer a n00b!!!
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    Great FAQ, Norm :cool:
    I'd add Master Sken's Shop to the stores, they're pretty cool to deal with if you're in the UK
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    awesome FAQ Norm,

    I'e always been a little confused about the differences between light contact, semi-contact, continuous and points sparring

    could you please tell me what the difference is
  20. To summarise...

    light contact is a version of normal kickboxing. The contact of shots is supposed to be light (very rarely is in practice :() and no knockdowns can be scored. Kind of like a sparring match. The only difference is there's a winner!

    Semi contact is point sparring basically. 2 contestants stand facing each other. when the bell goes, they fight. Once one person lands a shot, they are allocated points. The fight is then restarted with the new score. Legal techniques are ridge hand (cross between a backfist and a hook), backfist and reverse punch (like a jab to the body). These are all 1 point. Kicks to the head score 3 points and to the body score 2. Jumping to the body score 3 and jumping to the head scores 5 (I think). A sweep counts as 1 point.

    Continuous is the term given to all fights which continue from the bell to the end. Points does not as there are stoppages each time a point is scored. Light contact, Full contact are both "continuous"

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