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    So I was practicing kbs #4 from a kick-->hammer punch the other day and was wondering if enough torque could be generated to fell an opponent by not twisting under and behind them. I wish i had a video, but basically (assuming my opponent kicks and punches with his right foot&hand) I intercept with a left high block, trap with my right wrist, and as I twist clockwise and cross-step outside and into their zone (to my left), their arm twists and I catch their half-turned hand with my left and begin the arm twist. I am hypothosizing that this could be a less encumbering means of an arm twist, but not sure if the lack of torque compramises the effectiveness of the lock. Thoughts?
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    Go down your local Pub and try it out! :rolleyes:

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    What you describe seems to be the same as Gahk Doh Bub#6 so it should work just fine. You might want to try stepping towards them with your right foot, to intercept the hammer fist (with a right high block) before their blow gains too much momentum and go straight to the clockwise circle.
    Of course, you could also just do the left high block and circle their arm anticlockwise into your right hand and do (JMMG)KBS #1 instead?
    But forget the right kick right punch scenario. It ain't gonna happen! Practise with just the hammer punch instead, much more practical IMO.
    Either way it will take a LOT of practise to get it fluent and useable. But have fun!
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    Regardless of what type of punch is used, certainly a kick/punch combo as an opening attack is a throwback to CMA influences along the lines of modern wushu, IMO. So I agree that leaving the kick out of the equation is more realistic as KIWEST suggests (although Pugil's suggestion isn't half-bad, either ;)).

    Adding a kick before the punch helps beginners to this technique with the tricky timing of properly intercepting a "live" punch thrown with full force. In the "hyung" thread (kicho-thru-unhak), I made a recent post which mentions that the *old* way of doing the opening moves of KCH #1 is identical to the "overextended" punch that many have criticized about the way these type of kuk-sool techniques are usually demonstrated. IMO, successfully executing such a maneuver with less-committed blows that aren't preceded by any kicks, would undoubtedly be much more difficult to pull off, but provided you work at it, not so impossible that you should abandon the idea of actually using the technique in a real S/D situation.

    My 2¢ worth...

    Forgot to mention that the name of the set is JEW MUCK MAGA KEY BONE SIOUX (주먹막아 기본수), which doesn't allude to any type of kick used in the attack. {translation: blocking/parrying a punch [followed by] fundamental technique - with the idea being to make the block/parry in response to the punching attack part of the technique itself and not a separate reaction}
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