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    I would have done the same, there are extra long keris in Indonesia that were used to execute people. They would put the person kneeling, place the tip of the blade over the hollow at the side of the neck and drive the blade down into the heart. I regard them as dirty things, would never want to own one.
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    Let me put it like this; I take care of nine antique kerisses (although I know someone who owns about 150, but that is a bit too much for me). Our kerisses have never flown through the air, stood up by itself or other spectacular feats. If you are a " sensitive" person, you might feel their energy, but that is the only spectacular thing I have noticed. On the other hand, kerisses can be beautiful and interesting and the knowledge about these artifacts is more or less science. The ' dapur', 'pamor', materials, etc. It all has a function and meaning.

    The mystical aspect is just as interesting. I take care of them very carefully and not only because of respect, but also because the materials are easily subject to decay due to age and climate. I do take care of the wood, oil the blade frequently with keris oil (minyak keris) and if necessary I will " clean" them myself ones a year.

    To let you own keris be manufactured by modern means is a choice, but I do believe you will be missing some important facts about what a keris really is about. On the other hand it is indeed difficult to find an ' empu' who will be able to create one for you and you will need the time and patience to wait for the whole process.
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    Was this a Filipino keris or Indonesian? In case of the last option, I doubt the keris is ever able to decapitate someone. It is simply not designed for that. I prefer the thought that it has been damaged due to regular " washing" with a warangan (arsenic) mixture. This will " eat" the blade heavily in time, especially the iron in the blade...
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    I also heard that the extra long straight keris is an executioners keris that is used in the Phipippines. It was entered near the collarbone, piercing straight through the heart.

    Nice to hear you have some keris and are treating them with proper respect without having fear of them. I think that's the way to do it. In Holland a lot of people have keris, and some are too afraid of it..
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    I agree, but they are either too careful of too down to earth to care. Although I do know some quite knowledgeable people who are able to keep the balance between respect and being down to earth...
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    Silat Majic

    Hate to tell you this;
    You are the majic(k).
    put any thing you think of to a wondrous prayer (chant, meditation, etc) and it will be enchanted especially at dawn.
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    And what form does this "enchantment" take?
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    I believe, Hannibal, that the "enchantment" for some is a spiritual aspect and others could be "enchanted" by the beauty of some kerises, the craftsmanship and history. And for some even both. It is for each individual to choose which one applies most...
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    It looked something like this:

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    That's a peculiar one, never seen such a keris personally. I figure it's not from Indonesia, this one obviously has the function of a weapon, is it a filippino one?
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    zakariyya21, my family have a 400-500 years old keris as our family heirloom. My great-grandfather said this keris made from meteorite stone. Every 3 months we have to do a ritual, and believe it or not. If the keris doesn't like a certain person, and that certain person have the keris and store it in his house. The keris will vibrating on its own, without anyone touch it.
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