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Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by KenpoDavid, Oct 17, 2005.

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  1. KGS BBS

    KGS BBS Valued Member

    "Lost Cause"

    David, it is you that talks through both sides of your mouth. No one else involved in this correspondence seems to misunderstand what I write and the only twist or what I would rather call 'spin' is what you put on it. I was e-mailed and asked if you were Geary's 'spin doctor'. You have a helluva future in politics if you choose that route. Talk about having a busy day, careful you don't get a stroke over that last volley you wrote in defense of the undefenseable.(hmmm, I think I created a new word, lol). Very busy day for you too, huh David? I guess you found the time the same way I did do don't be a hypocrit.

    So David, I could continue to be manipulated by you and play your silly game and give responses to all your allegations and/or questions that have been repeated and answered so many times before on this forum and many others but why bore everyone. It is getting pretty old you know! Just ask around.
    You can continue to play with someone else if you want, because David, guess what? I'm through playing.....Yep, I'm picking up my toys and going home, lol. You're a lost cause!

    So best of luck in your studies and all that I ask is one favor of you, if of course you don't mind granting it and if you do mind, who cares? No one here. If you ever come to your senses some day and as they say, 'see the light', drop me an e-mail and I promise I won't bust your balls about it. At this point, I have nothing else to say to you that hasn't been already said by me and others. Again, good luck and take care. Joe

    PS: Explain this one to Professor Geary, you better spin this one too!

    Private Message: other stuff
    18-Jan-2006, 07:44 PM
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    other stuff


    Doc told me lots of things about lots of guys in private that I can't repeat. Including his real opinion of Prof. Geary and Nick Cerio and Larry Tatum etc etc.

    How long have you been training? Do you even know your THAC0?
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  2. KenpoDavid

    KenpoDavid Working Title

    OK just to be clear (for my own clarity, sicne you are not reading this anymore)

    You don't care to :

    compare Rash's rise form 6th to 9th in less than 3 years (2001-2004) to Geary rise form 1st to 7th in 10 years? why not? (I see a pic of Rash on the KGS site from 2001, he is wearing a 6th. He came to Omaha in 2004 sporting a 9th. What's up with that???)

    Or to explain how the KGS promoted someone with such horrible technique in the first place? was that ego, greed, or stupidity? or was the technique not as bad as you want everyone to believe?

    or to explain why the KGS has said "this is the first time we have done this" when I know of a handful of others who have gone through this same course with the KGS?

    or to explain how you can reconcile your criticism of me for quoting private remarks (which were made in a room full of people) with your posting of private emails?

    yeah, that's ok, those questiosn can go unanswered. I think the answers are self-evident anyway.

    Do you hope that re-posting that private e-mail I sent you would cause trouble for me with Prof. Geary? That's just conniving, mean-spirited, immature and hypocritical of you. Not to mention ineffective. I think you have (again) let your emotions get the better of you, Joe. I am reasonably sure that you are capable of better.

    I am as much Geary's "spin doctor" as you are Rash's.

  3. KGS BBS

    KGS BBS Valued Member

    I know I said I wouldn't.....BUT

    See, David, you got me again. I'm stooping so low as to anwser you after I said I was done, shame on me!, lol.

    David's quote: I am as much Geary's "spin doctor" as you are Rash's.

    First of all, I told someone you would say that (I am as much Geary's "spin doctor" as you are Rash's.) simply because you're not original enough to come up with something on your own, like your "Flounder", hate to tell you, but Hanshi Craig Seavey took NCK, Shaolin Kempo and Goju ryu, started blending it 1998 and teaches it THE RIGHT WAY probably because he's got almost three and half decades of experience and is extremely talented. Your "Flounder" is a little too late for his re-invention of the wheel just like you. Next, all you questions will be answered AGAIN directly from Professor Michael Rash as soon as his registration here goes through. OKAY, STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE'S MOUTH. Prof. Mike, not that I think of you as a horse, ofcourse, bad pun.

    Oh, you also stated: or to explain how you can reconcile your criticism of me for quoting private remarks (which were made in a room full of people) with your posting of private emails?

    I say: What's wrong with that, David? DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN I TOLD YOU TO LET IT GO BECAUSE I HAD MUCH MORE TO SAY AND THAT I DIDN'T WANT TO GET DIRTY BECAUSE SOMETIMES TO CATCH A RAT, YES, DAVID, A RAT, YOU HAVE TO JUMP IN THE GUTTER? Remember that David? if not, review the posts here, you'll find it. You were warned so don't bicth to me.

    David stated: Do you hope that re-posting that private e-mail I sent you would cause trouble for me with Prof. Geary? That's just conniving, mean-spirited, immature and hypocritical of you. Not to mention ineffective. I think you have (again) let your emotions get the better of you, Joe. I am reasonably sure that you are capable of better.

    I say: Again, Conniving, mean-spirited and hypocritcal of me? Hell David, that shouldn't offend you, it sounds like someone you know very well, doesn't it? lol. You are right David, my emotions did get a little carried away because guys like you would never have what it takes to talk to people like that to their faces but don't worry, I won't fly down to Omaha and pour paint thinner on your car and put your signifant other in fear. You're right again, I am TOO GOOD FOR THAT!

    Last but not least, if Geary doesn't believe that you were withholding something from him, talkng behind his back and playing both ends against the middle with that e-mail, then David, CONGRATULATIONS BECAUSE YOU OUT-CONNED THE CON MAN, you have made it through the final door of the Geary Priviledge Temple in Omaha, you have made it to the Big Time! OR Geary's pretty stupid and I don't believe he's stupid. Does the name Judas Iscariot ring a bell, Chris? Next, Professor Rash will post when he's cleared. If you have anything to say to me more I would appreciate it someday if you tell me in person to my face rather on the net. No threat but the keyboards aren't really the appropiate way to do this, it's too cyber-warriorish, lol. Take care & be safe, Joe
  4. Pacificshore

    Pacificshore Hit n RUN!

    Alright...this has just got to END!!! This is MAP, not a hamper for dirty laundry for pete sakes :p :bang:
  5. Joe V.

    Joe V. Valued Member

    You ask what the difference between Prof. Rash getting his ranking and Geary.
    I think you missed the part that he never got his Shodan honorably. You see David, that is the whole point. Geary lied to Prof. Cerio... He admits this, in living color, on his website. Can you agree with that?
    You cannot compare someone who has EARNED his Shodan with blood, sweat and tears and someone who LIED to get a certificate for Shodan. Can you agree with that?
    David, how long have you been in the Arts? How would you feel if a new beginner walked in to your class and was given a belt the same as yours one week later? Maybe the person was a super star, and managed to learn all the techniques you did. Do you think he would be able to pull them off as well as you can? Probably not, do you agree?
    Why? Because you have worked on your techniques. You have probably done those moves 100's if not 1000's of times. Do you see my point?
    As to how the dan ranking in the Martial Arts are determined and by whom. I can give the same explanation I recieved from my first Instructor in 1968, "The first five dan ranks are given based on what you have learned from the system... The next five are based on what you have brought into the system."

    As to the question why was Geary promoted by several respected Masters...

    I am not privy to that information, however I can offer a little insight. Most Grand Masters are very humble and honorable people. If they a see an individual that is in need of training, they will take him or her on in the hopes of "bringing them up to rank" properly. Often times these "lost sheep" become excellent Martial Artists after they have been honed by a Master...
    The rub with Geary is:

    David, as one of Geary's affiliates are you familiar with his dojo rules??? The one about "never ask your instructor when your next rank test will be"... Hello, can you say Geary does not follow his own rules??? I am not making any of this up David. Read his bio.... He states it over and over again, and promptly starts bad mouthing his former Master because he was not promoted according to his(Gearys)schedule.

    Please David do not compare Geary with the likes of Professor Rash. There is NO comparison to be made there.

    I wish you the best in your training!
    Joe V.
  6. kempojosh

    kempojosh Valued Member

    earning a shodan

    i see both sides of the argument about geary, it seems that some of you are forgetting something. Prof. Nick Ceiro thought that Christopher Geary was good enough to earn his shodan.

    yes geary admits to lying to ceiro about his time in the martial arts, and he should not have lied to him. but geary is open about this fact and has not hid it.

    a shodan ranking, or anyother ranking, should not based on how long you've been in the martial arts. this isn't the a union job where you reveive promotions based on time with the company. it's a martial art/science where people are promoted based on ability. the only time that "time" should play a role in a promotion is when it's a senior rank, above 5th dan.

    the bottom line is ceiro saw what he liked when he reviewed geary....i read that ceiro and and gascon both stripped geary of his rank. how can they do this? they can't do this. these wise grandmasters, grandmasters that have trained in the martial arts for longer than i've been alive (25 years) said that geary is worthy enough of the promotions that they (ceiro and gascon) bestowed upon him.

    i find it hard to beleive that after all this time in the martial arts, that ceiro or gascon would slip up and not be able to determine if someone deserves a promotion.

    ron chapel seems to side with geary. chapel is what, a 9th dan? does he have the wisdom to stamp his approval on someone?
  7. kempojosh

    kempojosh Valued Member

    i can understand that prof. rash wants to respond to geary. but did you (prof rash) ever try to call geary? geary said that he tried to call you several times? maybe you should call him to talk this out. if you two can't settle it via phone (instead of via websites) then at least you tried.
  8. Joe V.

    Joe V. Valued Member

    The definition of Martial is: "1.Of, or pertaining to war. 2.Pertaining to or connected with the armed forces or the military profession."
    To answer your question as to how Grand Masters can "strip" rank. It goes back to the Martial in the Art. The Grand Masters in any system represent the Commander and Chief of the organization.
    In the Military, Officers, Non-Comissioned Officers and Enlisted ranks if judged to have shown conduct unbecoming to that rank can and do have their rank and the priviledges associated with that rank "striped" (demoted) and may be dismissed from the services under dishonorable conditions.
    The Chiefs gave you that rank. It is their signatures on the certificates. They can take it back whenever they choose.
    The REAL bottom line is that in the end, both Professor Cerio and Sijo Gascon DID NOT like what they saw and admitted they had made a mistake in promoting Geary in the first place and effectively gave him a "dishonorable discharge" from their ranks.
    Kempojosh, I think you should re-read Dr. Chappel statement. The part where (paraphrasing)"Geary was doing it like junk and I'll stand by that statement" might have missed your eye.
    Keep up your studies in the Arts! One day you will recognize the truth in my words.
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  9. kempojosh

    kempojosh Valued Member

    i was under the impression that one particular techinuque was performing bad. if eveything was bad, then why did dr. chappel sign a certificate stating that prof. geary was good. regardless of who wrote it dr. chappel read and signed it.
  10. Joe V.

    Joe V. Valued Member

    That is not the impression I received from reading Dr. Chapel's post. You can e-mail Dr. Chapel directly. I will not speak for him.
    Take care!

    KGSBBS-MSR New Member

    Geary quit the KGSBBS
    Geary wrote an e mail quitting which we accepted.
    Geary then decided to degrade us like everyone else in his past. Remember when we took him under our wing we were being told by everyone that he was bad news. We still took him in. There was absolutley no need for Geary to slam all the people he has.

    Now hes posting crap on his guestbook. Remember only he can post it. ALL designed to take the heat off himself. He can post anything he wants about me I could care less. The KGSBBS is about Sonny Gas not Mike Rash. There is not a single person that ever joined because of me. Do I need to speak to Geary no.
    His autobiography still speaks for itself.
    They are his words not mine. His NCIS investigater buddy has some skeletons in his closet to.
  12. Joe V.

    Joe V. Valued Member

    My son was looking through Geary's site and found some short clips of him(Geary) in motion. Please go check them out! Especially the one where he is doing 3 Combination "Real Time"...
    Let me know what you think.
    I found his Introduction sequence to be very... interesting... Check them out and lets talk after...
    Welcome Professor Rash!
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  13. KenpoDavid

    KenpoDavid Working Title

    Anyone can post in a guestbook, that is the point of it.

    Your website seems to indicates that you do care quite a bit about what Prof. Geary has to say about the KGS. If nobody cared then why the vehement response???

    I think it is weird that Prof. Geary has been able to trick multiple Grandmasters into thinking he looked like he deserved some rank. What are the odds?!?!?!?!111

    In the interest of honesty, Josh is also a student at one of Prof. Geary's schools.

    KGSBBS-MSR New Member

    Anyone can post on a guestbook. But not Gearys you have to e mail him first and he posts what he likes. Its not a guest book at all. I'd love to see all the posts.
    The KGS yes I do care what he says about the group.

    I see we agree that Geary tricked people. Now that we have agreed on that. Why is it that Geary has no one from his past that supports him? I'll be happy to post the tape of Geary that he sent me in its entirety if you would like ,then we can have an open forum to grade it. Hell in the intersest of fairness I'd give him a jr. purple ranking based off his real time LOL movements.
  15. KenpoDavid

    KenpoDavid Working Title

    Hey Josh I was there I will tell you exactly how it all went down :) None of what is posted here really captures what went on. It was a very interesting insight into some of the strengths and weaknesses of Shaolin kempo (at least as compared to Sublevel 4 kenpo).
  16. KenpoDavid

    KenpoDavid Working Title

    The screening is new, I think it coincided with some KGS people posting attacks in there.

    so the first time you watched it you thought he might be a 6th dan, now that you review the tape again, you think maybe 5th kyu. :confused: How did he trick you?

    Please do post that tape, I want to see it. "In the interest of fairness", post a video of what a 6th should look like, please. Speaking of video, there is also some new video posted at Some video to make the point , stuff that was edited out of the version of the seminar video that is sold.. edited out to prevent everyoen seeing that Michael Rash forgot the basic forms of his style. I know you had a bad back and you can see the stiffness in the video. I was there that day and you looked ok to me but now when I watch it again the effects of your injury do show. I'm glad you are better now. But that doesn't explain why you were forgetting the form.

    KGSBBS-MSR New Member

    I did not forget the form.
    I had no intention of doing anything that day other than doing some basics. Like I said I taught the class at 30 percent. Then did the form the best I could do
    I told Sijo I did not want to do another form. My words were I could do it but I would look retarded. The first form did do me in. Look at the video Geary posted Sigung Namahoe came over and started rubbing my leg and back after I was done.
    Ask anyone from the East Coast when I went through the forms with them at Jim Speights school did I forget them no. But we did not work on the Villari or USSD forms as was what Stiener did. I said I could show the monkey dance version that Stiener did
    I went though several of our forms with video rolling.
    Did I do them full blast no. Heres the kicker David I did not review his tape. I sent it to Sijo Gascon, and he did not view it either. We did not promote him to 6th he was already 6th. Geary was being degraded by everyone at the time and Sijo Gascon decided to take him in under his wing. This based on his certificate from Prof. Cerio and his 6th from Hanshi Angel. He left us then degraded us. I let his stuff sit up on his sites for a month before I answered back. I used his words. If there is something that I twisted let me know. I took what he wrote and put it down in the order he wrote it.
    Also the tape Geary sent me Geary says KADA not Kata and Sajoh instead of Sijo big deal ,but in the interest of fairness I'll play that also. I'll get his tape transfered and posted asap.

    KGSBBS-MSR New Member

    let me clarify i went through several forms with video rolling in the East Coast not at Gearys.
  19. KenpoDavid

    KenpoDavid Working Title

    OK, fair enough, I do remember you doing a couple of forms and we all really enjoyed the comparisons and talked about them for weeks.

    I think it is odd that you would give somebody a 6th in your system having never seen him perform, not even on video. I think you are trying to hide behind some semantic tricks saying he was already a 6th... You guys decided to make him a 6th in your system, the latest story is that you did not even review the tape. You've published strict new procedures for selecting new state representatives, I think one of those steps should be to actually watch their video. Or OMG what a great idea... test them live yourself!

    I've resisted the temptation to go point-by-point through the diatribe on KGS site and I will continue to not do that. 98% of people who are reading this don't care and the rest have already made up their mind.

    "t" sound vs "d' sound... I've got a cold right now all my t's sound like d's and vice versa. and v's and b's too... what's the point???

    -Tabit Carbley (with a stopped-up nose)

    PS - will you be able to show us what it should have looked like for 6th?

    KGSBBS-MSR New Member

    David like I said. Sijo Gascon took him in under his wing.
    Geary was looking for a group to come under, he approached us not vice versa.
    He did this as Geary was the underdog, and at the time we did not know alot about him other than he presented us with 2 certificates. 1 from Professor Cerio 1. from Hanshi Angel it says 6th degree Shaolin Kempo So does ours. The same as if someone from Parkers system joined Tatums organization. He would not be a 6th in Parkers and a 6th in Tatums. Hes a 6th in American Kenpo same as we were doing for Geary.
    Regarding your PS I dont answer to people of your rank you want me to show you something ask me face to face, (same with your founder) At the next gathering of Eagles (Its a function where all the Kenpo/Kempo systems and Seniors get together, you and Geary are more than welcome to show up its open to all.
    We have been to both and will certainly be there the next time.
    Be warned if you get an attitude with the seniors there you'll probably end up wearing your teeth for a necklace as a souvenier. Thats not a threat its something that people with little time in the Arts should realize. Its easy to get wise in front of a keyboard but I have been respectful you you and I expect the same from you.
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