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Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by Korpy, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. SenseiKeith

    SenseiKeith New Member

    I am currently ranked at 4th Dan in Kempo Karate. I am studying Kempo jutsu with Professor Feliciano (Kimo) Ferreira.

    My dojo name is Valley Shore Martial Arts located in Centerbrook, CT.

    To me Martial Arts is a way of life and I love kempo for its continuous flow of devastating motion.

    Professor Feliciano (Kimo) Ferreira

    Two Articles on Professor Ferreira
  2. Voltaire

    Voltaire Valued Member


    Ed Parker American Kenpo system

    1st Deg Black

    Phoenix Kenpo Club, Ire.

    Self defense applications
  3. Mr Hatfield

    Mr Hatfield Valued Member

    Hi My name is Ty Hatfield im from Utah and im 1st Dan in Black Lion Kenpo I got my belt when I was 16 it has really helped me in alot of other things Thanks Ty
  4. kuntaoer

    kuntaoer Valued Member

    Combat Judo Karate/Kempo- 5th Dan
    Hochow Kuntao (Chinese) - 5th Level Black Sash
    BaoBiao Kuntao (Filipino/Chinese/ Mixture) Founder
    Maharlika Kuntao (Filipino/Chinese) -
    Kuntao is also known as chuan fa in some of the chinese dialects.. I have been an instructor of these systems since the mid 70's.

    Baobiao Kuntao is a system comprised of the filipino eskrima, baraw defensa and chinese Kuntao systems with it's scope of teaching oriented toward security,military and law enforcement applications
  5. shaolinmonkmark

    shaolinmonkmark Valued Member


    are you guys in there?
  6. kuntaoer

    kuntaoer Valued Member

    I was put in that group without my permission.. I belong to a couple of police defensive tactics groups and the owner of this group copied my old bio and put me in his group without my permission...

  7. Quiet Storm

    Quiet Storm New Member

    Nick Cerio's Kenpo
    purple belt
    Kensho-Ryu Kenpo
    Daytona Beach, Fl

    I like it because it is the first martial art system ive been involved in where "flow" is taught when creating self defense combinations for drills. If it feels right it is right cant go wrong there... the hard part is knowing when to break the combo!
  8. Quiet Storm

    Quiet Storm New Member

    Nick Cerio's Kenpo
    Purple ( I test for Blue in 2 days)
    Kensho-Ryu Kenpo
    Daytona Beach, FL

    This is one of the funner arts I have learned. It often feels like over kill when we practice our techniques, but I guess if youre gonna do something you might as well do it right:-D
  9. dameger

    dameger New Member

    Too soon to tell what I like :hat:
  10. robgou

    robgou New Member

    Nick Cerio's Kenpo
    Karate Sunfuki in St-Eustache, Quebec in Canada
    under Kyoshi Pierre Saulnier (owner)

    I'm 51 , started in August of last year, just passed my purple belt test in early May of 2010.

    love the art, the instructors and the way they make us work hard but within our own limits.
    Getting back in shape slowly but surely.
  11. Tiger_RF

    Tiger_RF New Member

    Currently training in Ten-Chi Kenpo founded by Sensei Norman Armstrong in the late 70s. currently 9th kyu.

    Former training in Shaolin Kempo with USSD hold the rank of 5th Kyu with that org.

    Also hold a 2nd Kyu in Kimura Shukokai Karate.

    Enjoy Kenpo as i feel it is a well rounded style...
  12. dianhsuhe

    dianhsuhe Co-Founder: Glow-Do

    Have you considered staying with a system at least until Shodan?
  13. Tiger_RF

    Tiger_RF New Member

    USSD i left because I didn't agree with some of their policies as far as instructors go and osme of the things I witnessed. I also hurt my back which caused me to take a break from training and allowed some hind sight to creep in.

    The Shukokai training my instructor moved out of state.

    I do plan on sticking with Ten Chi Kenpo as long as I remain in Southern California.
  14. dianhsuhe

    dianhsuhe Co-Founder: Glow-Do


    Any idea who to contact about an error on the below site?

    It lists Ed Parker as being a a senior student of Professor Chow. An obvious mistake...

    "1.) The International Kenpo-Karate Association that had been headed by Edmund Parker. A senior student of William K. S. Chow ( Chow being the founder of Kenpo-Karate, and a senior student of Mitose ), Ed Parker is known today as the father of American Kenpo."
  15. SenseiMattKlein

    SenseiMattKlein Engage, Maverick

    Hey People, just started a new group for Kenpo/Kempo. Anyone with an interest in Kenpo or Kempo is invited. Please check it out under "New Groups".
  16. Preacher Wilson

    Preacher Wilson Valued Member

    Bok Fu Quan Fa Chi-Na Kung fu/ kenpo Jujutsu
    Green Belt
    Academy of Self Defense and Karate
    Harrison, Ar.
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  17. stephacts238

    stephacts238 Valued Member

    Hart Kenpo
    Purple Belt
    America Martial Arts Academy
    Jax, Fl

    I like it cause it has a viriety or techniques and ranges while still keeping it simple
  18. kempoman74

    kempoman74 New Member

    Chinese Kempo/kempo-jutsu/aikijujutsu
    Student of Master Tim Barney
    Current Dojo-Danville Kempo Club
    Danville, IL
  19. kenpokev

    kenpokev Valued Member

    Ed Parkers American Kenpo
    3rd Brown
  20. JoãoLohanTao

    JoãoLohanTao Valued Member

    chinese kempo and kajukenbo CGaylord method
    Life fitness gym ( im portugal its very rare to find a martial arts school , almost all MA training are on the gyms)
    orange belt (testing to green in june :p)

    love kempo because of the competition part of it , the sparring is very good (i think that's because my sifu , is also a 1 degree black belt in taekwondo black belt in kickboxing , and a 3 degree black belt in chinese kempo , its a very wise man) , the self defense techniques are great , and Yes i love the Bo staff (or Kum Tao as we call it) Kata/form :D

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