Kenpo Jujitsu? Is this the original art of Kenpo?

Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by tmartialaa, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. tmartialaa

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    Hello Everyone:

    I’ve been watching this site, for some time. And when I have a question on a new video that comes up I always come to the experts who are on this blog.

    Here is a video on Channel 6 (to see it click on the number 6 on the remote which will take you to the channel), the show is Best Defense dated July 12, 2009

    I always enjoyed watching Kenpo stylist since seeing the Perfect Weapon, but is there such a thing as Kenpo Jujitsu?

    Is this the older version of current Kenpo or is this the way it was originally taught by GM Mitose?

    Let me know what your views are on this Kenpo Jujitsu, and is it well explained in this clip?

    I know lots of questions, but I enjoy seeing the responses and learning something new.

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    He he he behave.:)

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