Kenjutsu and Krabi Krabong

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    Hello! I've been watching some YouTube vids that showed Krabi Krabong, and I couldn't help but compare it to Kenjutsu. Before anything else, know that I'm not trying to start a style vs. style flamewar here. I just wanted to know how a Krabi Krabong fighter would fare against a Samurai.

    So, given the same amount of training and experience, on 'neutral' ground, like a grass plain, with the Krabi Krabong warrior armed with a pair of short swords (their 'standard' weapon), and the Samurai armed with a katana and a wakizashi, who would win?

    (Pls. don't ban me. :( )
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    Well, classically your average 'Krabi Krabong Warrior' was some kid who'd joined (or was forced to join) the army. The basic model of traditional KK training was to teach a large number of guys to stand in a line, charge, and smash through the enemy lines doing as much damage on the way through as possible.

    I've been exposed to KK through my Dog Brothers Martial Arts training, and while we look at KK to apply it to Real Contact Stick Fighting, we also look at where it came from and why.

    I've just come back from the DBMA European Summer camp in Germany and we just happened to spend a lot of time working the KK teaching drills. We charge forwards a lot and smash the crap out of whatever is in front of us. The general idea is that you don't want the guy at the front of the line, you want the guy at the back (or the 'General').

    So, an experienced KK practitioner would normally be a guy who had survived hundreds of battles and refined his KK into a personal style.

    So, who would win? My money's on Chuck Norris.
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    You're not trying to start a style on style war, but which style would win?
    Logic FTW
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    Ooo, oooh -- my son and I have a much harder question: Toph versus King Bumi (from "Avatar: The Last Airbender" cartoon) :thinking: :dunno:
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    HAHAHA! Okay, okay, my bad! I was just curious about KK. I'll remember to consult 420chan or something instead the next time I start getting curious again. But it shan't happen again here.

    Thanks for the few who actually replied to my question though, instead of reacting to it.
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    Too Funny.
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    No thanks, I"ll just have fried rice with shrimp and a side order of krabrangoon.

    Your question should be sent to the makers of "Deadliest Warrior" :)
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    If Toph had an equal amount of experience as King Bumi then she'd win hands down :hat:

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