Kempo Schools in/near Montreal North Shore?

Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by JesterX, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. JesterX

    JesterX Valued Member

    When I was younger, I've been studying Shaolin Kempo under Danny Masson in Verdun. I loved it a *lot*.

    But I moved in Deux-Montagnes and I believe she doesn't teach anymore.

    Now, I wan't to go back to my roots and study kempo once more... for good this time.

    I know of one Kempo teacher that I really like, but his school is in Beaconsfield, which is very far from where I live.

    I know there is also at least two Kempo schools/organizations in my region but I don't know if they are good:

    Kempo Karate Sunfuki (Nick Cerio's Kempo)
    Serge Piché (a Student of Jean-Guy Angell which was a student of George Pesare)

    Are those any good?

    I believe that in the Jean-Guy Angell system, they don't have a curriculum as big as in the Nick Cerio's Kempo/Shaolin Kempo. But I'm not sure.

    I *do* like to learn a *lot* of techniques, that's what I like in Shaolin Kempo which teach "Numbered techniques", "Animals Techniques", Various Blocking system and such...

    I've heard that Ed Parker's Kempo also have a huge curriculum of techniques but I don't think they have schools in Quebec.

    Can someone help me find the best school for my tastes?
  2. Almost A Ghost

    Almost A Ghost Valued Member

    There is a guy that posts regularly on, his handle is Marlon, and he's in Montreal, here's the link from his profile. Good luck in your search.
  3. JesterX

    JesterX Valued Member

    Yeah, he is the owner of that Beaconsfield school I was mentioning. That guy is really one of the best teacher I know.

    Sad that It's that far from my home (about 40 minutes in car and I don't have a car)

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