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    Those of you near Silicon Valley might be interested in this.

    No. Cal. SRSI Kata Workshop:
    Gankaku/Chinto: a comparative analysis

    The Northern California branch of the Shoto Research Society,
    International and the Pacific Coast Karate-do Association is pleased
    to present an opportunity to study the kata Gankaku and the Okinawan
    and Japanese kata that influenced its development.

    JKA Gankaku: Presented by
    Jon Keeling 20 years JKA Shotokan, including 8 years in Japan.

    ****o Ryu Chinto: Presented by
    Rob Alvelais, 5th Dan ****o Ryu. Member of USAKF Hall of Fame.

    Renshinkan Shorinji Chinto (precursor to SKI's Gankaku Sho):
    Presented by Takamori Kaida

    This is a unique opportunity to get on the 'mat', learn, train,
    compare and contrast these kata and their applications and to gain
    new insights into one's own karate.

    Sunday, December 8th, 2002
    De Anza College, Room PE14
    21250 Stevens Creek Blvd.
    Cupertino, CA 95014

    Mat fee: $20 (includes certificate of participation)

    Special Bonus Session: Black Belts Only!

    Shihan Leroy Rodrigues, 9th Dan Shinkyu Shotokan has graciously
    agreed to share with us a rare version of the Chinto Kata: Yabu No Chinto. As, this is a 'rare and advanced' kata, this bonus session
    will be open to Black Belt practitioners only. This is definitely
    a "Don't Miss" event, since Yabu Chinto is a rare kata, even on

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