Kata Guruma

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    Not my Randori... ;)
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    As for the "why", I can't help much as I am not a sport-Judo guy.
    But apparently the Kilohana group would agree with you on how you feel about the subject.

    Kilohana Workbook: "Many are not aware that Judo was initially known as Kano Jujitsu ......the way they practice changed..... I have included a study of the sixty-five throws of Kodokan Judo .............. a few of the sixty-five throws of Judo are not legal for Sport Judo.......... this need not apply to Jujitsu as w/ sport Judo you are guaranteed a one on one match w/ rules....... neither is the case w/ Jujitsu. Jujitsu takes into account that you may be wearing gear or weapons as well as multiple attackers (there are no rules or referees)."
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