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Discussion in 'Karate' started by Saz, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. aml01_ph

    aml01_ph Urrgggh...

    I'm in Manila. I meant advertizing-wise. If a club is registered in the SEC, depending on its license, the club president will not have to pay any taxes. It also helps in putting the potential clients mind at ease as to whether he/she is joining a club-cult.

    And you are right to an extent. People in the provinves don't seem to care.
  2. tiredgirl

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  3. Picksey

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    Wado-Ryu, 3rd kyu (1st brown).

    I started out with wado-ryu karate at secondary school with what used to be known as the Sama Karate Club in Brighton, UK. I made it to 3rd kyu (1st brown) after four or five years, when I went to college and had to drop karate. I always intended on picking it up again, and started hunting for a good club when I moved to the Midlands to go to university. I tried a year of tae kwon-do, and then shotokan, both with clubs at the uni, but finally decided I wanted to continue with what I started out with. I eventually found the Warwickshire Wado-Ryu Sport Karate Association (check out wwska.co.uk), and it was like coming home. I started again with my white belt, but am now back to 3rd kyu, and loving every minute.

    Some time in the future I'd like to study other styles of karate (I'm hoping that seeing how wado-ryu is different will teach me a lot that I wouldn't necessarily learn otherwise) but there's no rush... in the meantime, I've just started aikido - chosen because it's completely different - and I'm hooked!
  4. Posiview

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    I had my first wado-ryu class on Sunday. It was a 2 hours session and I was shattered after it finished .

    I look forward to my next lesson..................
  5. Alex103701

    Alex103701 New Member

    I'm Alex, and I recently started at Bridgend Kyokushinkai. That makes me a lowly white belt then :p I previously did Judo, but stopped when my brother broke his arm.
  6. Relosa

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    Hey, Relosa here.
    I study Shorinryu Karate do, I'm 3rd Kyu. I study in Arundel, Maine.
  7. Mrs Owt

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    Hi! My name is Candy and I am currently a blue belt in Isshinryu karate. I study at the North Winnipeg Isshinryu Karate Club. Started once when I was 18 and stayed with it for a couple of years and then took a looooooong break to get married and have a family. Now kids, hubby and I train all together. I dabble in JiuJitsu and Arnis and hope to study full MMA once my knee can handle closed guard again! :D
  8. Saz

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    Me and you need to have a little chat sometime :D
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    Well I'm Chris, I've been doing Karate for a little less then a year. Left my old school because I had doughts is was a mcdojo. Left about...3 months ago, and joined Shorinjiyu Kentokukan, been in for 1 month and a bit, and I'm at my white.
  10. keldor

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    Kyokushinkai 1st kyu. Will be going for shodan come September, all going well. Live and train in Maitland, Australia under Sensei Phillip Penfold 3rd dan.

    Karate is a way of life.

  11. Alex_JHH

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    Hi, this is Alex103701, my account mucked up, so i made a new one. What did you want to talk about Kgirl?
  12. Saz

    Saz Nerd Admin

    Hello again Alex.

    I spoke to you about it on MSN, so no worries now :D
  13. Hullooo


    I've been practicing Shotokan for about 14 years, initially under the KUGB and now the JKA England. I'm am a 2nd dan with the JKA at the moment and hope to increase that to 3rd sometime next year!
  14. Master J

    Master J "No style, no limitation"

    I'm a 1st kyu soon to be 1st dan (hopefully) karateka. I study Wado-Ryu Karate-Do at Dalymount Wado-Ryu Karate club in Dublin, Ireland. My main instuctor is 7th dan sensei P. Doyle. I try to train as often as i can, and I've been practising it now for about 7 or 8 years.
    So there you go! :D
  15. shitokai

    shitokai New Member

    ****o Ryu, Scotland red belt, under Sensi Connell 6th Dan and master Ishimi 8th Dan.
  16. Ash

    Ash Valued Member

    4th Dan, Wado-Ryu under Dave Powell, 6th Dan. Based in Warwickshire...


  17. Chris.B

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    Common, we need more karate cheak ins, TKD is killing us out there. We need YOUR support. Well maybe not you, or you there...YES YOU come here. You know I'm talking to you, stop looking around and put a cheak in already...hey! come back here.
  18. Goju Dale

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    Ok Chris.. I will do it :)

    IO am an ICHI Kyu (Brown) in Goju Ryu Karate. I have been inactive for about 3 years or so due to moving to an area with no Dojo's (I have been training at home) I have 5 years of instruction under my obi (belt ). I trained for 4 years in Woodstock, On at Tempest Martial Arts and 1 year in Timmins (prior to Woodstock) at Timmins Goju Kai.

    I will be restarting my training in about a week (I moved again), at a Canada Goju dojo in Trento Ontario. At least I will be checking the dojo out for a week then decide whether I like it.

    Marmora, Ontario
    Ichi Kyu (Brown Belt)
    Goju Ryu Karate
  19. JohnnyX

    JohnnyX Map Addict

    Style: Shukokai.
    Currently: 4th Kyu after 16 months of training.
    Under: Sensei Kwan 6th DAN at the Radcliffe Dojo and Sensei Tucker 4th DAN at the Ramsbottom Dojo.
    OUSS! to you all.
  20. bunkai5

    bunkai5 New Member

    Style: Shotokan ITKF/JKA
    Currently: Shodan - had several opportunities to examine for Nidan I'll wait till it's free ;-)~
    Winnipeg Canada

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