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Discussion in 'Karate' started by Knifes_edge, Feb 7, 2004.

  1. Knifes_edge

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    I live in Victoria in Australia and ive been doin tengu ryu karate for the past 6 - 7 months or so and im still pretty new but there doesnt seem to be a lot of focus on martial arts down here and nobody seems to have heard of tengu - ryu
    anyways getting to the point i was wonderin if anyone knew of any karate camps in the victoria area cause i sure cant find any dispite by efforts. any help would be greatly appreciated


    6th Kyu
    Tengu - ryu Martial Arts Academy
  2. Dark Blade

    Dark Blade It Roundhouse time

    Wasn't Tengu the half man, half crow the japanese believed in?

    Karate camps....what exactly do you mean, if you mean what i think you do, things like that tend to run over the christmas holidays, thus its a little late.
  3. Knifes_edge

    Knifes_edge New Member

    doesnt really matter when it is im willin to sacrifice almost anythin includin my holidays.

    yea tengu is the sacred ninja bird and its like half half some animal but iim not really sure what :S

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