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    I was under the impression that he had very little if any martial arts training.

    Edit: ah it turns out he did study for a while under Sugino Yoshio. Not sure how long or to what level though.
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    That's interesting. Never heard that before.
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    Oh? My impression from reading about him was that he had achieved a senior rank and was recognised as an accomplished practitioner. I'm working from memories of reading pre-internet material.

    A look online reveals various conflicting statements:
    He had no MA experience other than learning choreography for films.
    His father was an MA instructor and he grew up immersed in MA.
    He held Dan grades in 3 disciplines.
    He trained with Sugino Yoshiro (verified by Patrick McCarthy).
    He held a 7th Dan in Kendo.
    He held a 2nd Dan in Iaido.

    Take your pick! :)
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