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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by zakariyya21, May 5, 2012.

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    Is k1 kickboxing the most effective forms of kickboxing why or why not? I mean other than muay thai. I'm new to martial arts so i'm just wondering?

    This gym teach k1 and boxing also on alternate days so I was wondering if it's worth checking out?

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    K-1 is a promotion that has a particular set of rules and weight classes. It's a pretty different animal than Muay Thai - so when a gym says they teach K-1 style kickboxing it either means they haven't got a clue.... and are trying to cash in on the K-1 name... or... they teach kickboxing under the K-1 ruleset.
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    Ok... peeped their website... the boxing side looks good. Both of the guys they have teaching have pretty decent backgrounds. Check it... for boxing those would be good coaches to have. Can't go wrong there. The gym looks pretty well kitted out for what you'll need. The vid of their man sparring with Chris Eubanks is quality... and the kids being taught in the kids vid aren't being fed nonsense... good basic boxing. That's a good sign.

    They've not got any vids of their K-1 guy... but he's active in the fight circuit so thats a good sign. I would imagine it'll be a decent place to train.
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