just left my school looking for new one

Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by tkd_princess78, Mar 25, 2004.

  1. tkd_princess78

    tkd_princess78 New Member

    Hey I was just wondering if any tkders know of a good school in the chicago area. Please no Mc Dojos just got out of one!! So if any of you know a great tkd school let me know thanks.
  2. LeadLegger

    LeadLegger New Member

    Isn't there a Chung's TaeKwonDo place in Chicago?
  3. Goju Dale

    Goju Dale New Member

    Hey wouldn't that be "No Mc Dojangs"? :)

  4. RonR

    RonR Valued Member

    I hope you find another club to train at. One that you will be happy with.

    Can you or someone please explain what a Mc Dojo is. I don't think we have any Mc dojos here in Canada. I may be wrong.
  5. Poop-Loops

    Poop-Loops Banned Banned

    A poor-quality school that's main purpose is to attract people and make money. Any skills you happen to pick up are purely by coincidence. Usually have self-proclaimed masters. Gotta watch out for those.

  6. Chris.B

    Chris.B New Member

    Another one for the books, welcome to the club, glad you got out!
  7. tkd_princess78

    tkd_princess78 New Member

    Yes there is I just went to see him tonight he is a Grand Master and seem really good. I like the way he presented him self. Unlike my old school his wife will not ruin the school.
  8. Chris.B

    Chris.B New Member

    How did the wife of your old shihan (grand master) ruin the school?
  9. tkd_princess78

    tkd_princess78 New Member

    No not the grand master wife she stays out of the school buisness.Im hoping the grand master Chung will be new teacher. My old masters wife is ruining his school, and that is too bad he is a good teaches when he wants to be but his wife does not see student she just see $$$.
  10. HitNRun

    HitNRun New Member


    Sorry to hear that you have left your school. It must be hard being that you were so close to BB.

    I hope you soon find a nice place that you enjoy training at.

  11. toothpaste100

    toothpaste100 Banned In 60 Seconds

    Has TigerAnsTKDlover left too? Haven't seen any posts from her in a long time.
  12. TKD18

    TKD18 New Member

    Mine closed years ago havent found another since

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