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Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by urbantus, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. urbantus

    urbantus New Member

    ITF Tae Kwon Do

    My new pattern has two high section turning kicks

    Im gonna need to work hard to perfect these kicks

    Im 51 years young
    6 Feet 2 inches
    80 KG

    Fairly fit
    But My legs are not as flexible as Id like them to be

    Im generally too stiff and unrelaxed any ways

    Any one got any ideas or tips on how I can get more flexible and achieve high section kicks

  2. Bigfoot

    Bigfoot Smile, laugh, be happy!

    If you had been taught correctly, you would be able to do high kicks by now. You have after all been training for some time now.

    Relaxation and not fearing the possibility of injury will help.
  3. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    Right Stretches for High Kicks .... what can I say? I cannot say enough about Kurz. His stretching techniques have helped me attain height in my kicks and the ability to do both a side and front split as an added bonus! ... and I too am over 40!

    Congrats on the earning your new rank!
  4. HKD

    HKD New Member

    some people juct can't kick that high it has nothing to do with how long U have been training or how hard or how well U were taught. i know black belts that train hard but can't do a split. some people just aren't made to move like that, not to say U will never B able to do a split. i have seen lots of white belts that have never trained B 4 and can kick to the head on the first day what does that mean?

  5. HKD

    HKD New Member

    relaxation is a big point. U need to work at it hard but not to hard and tair some thing but breathing and relaxation is big.
  6. Jags

    Jags New Member

    yea, sum ppl just arent flexible in that way, just like sum ppl arent that smart it's not because thay havet been in School for that long or wateva its just that they arent and u cant help it dude
    p.s everyone to the chat room i am there, mani u beeter go aswell OK!!
  7. urbantus

    urbantus New Member

    What Im looking for is advice
    Not criticism

    I want to improve my high section kicks
  8. urbantus

    urbantus New Member

    Thanks for the help so far

    Ive always had to work really hard at improving my kicking

    I aint planning on giving up either
  9. HKD

    HKD New Member

    just keep working at it. U started kind of late so thats a draw back too U know. but i will get better. but remember U'll always be able to kick as high as U need to.
  10. Ruan Long

    Ruan Long New Member

    you seem very determined, that's all that matters.
  11. urbantus

    urbantus New Member

    That series of articles is extremely interesting

    Ive always had trouble in stretching my legs

    Im gonna try and improve this over the next few months
  12. Jazman

    Jazman New Member

    I used that same set of stretches over last summer, greatly increased my flexibility, of course it was before I started MA's now I'm starting them up again. It doesn't take very long to increase your flexibility, I went from barely being able to sidekick to my waist to being able to kick to my head level and an even higher roundhouse, and that only took 5 months... just give it time
  13. stump

    stump Supersub

    Bigfoot was talking out of his rear, don't stress about it!

    Kurz seems to be the best man in this area. Importantly he also has a number of tests which can determine whether you will actually ever be able to perform things like the splits. If you can't don't worry about it, not everyone can.

    Regular stretching, lots of rest and certain nutrients can help, but I'm no expert - aside from being someone else who has serious problems with stretching!
  14. Bigfoot

    Bigfoot Smile, laugh, be happy!

    Anyone who has trained in a predominately kicking art for at least a couple of years (I am assuming a couple of years as urbantus has just received his red belt), should be able to kick high enough to pass his tests by now. All I said is that if he can't kick head level by now, that his instructor has failed him. Now (red belt) is not the time to START working on flexibility. This should have started years ago.

    By the way, I offered advice to your situation urbantus.

    Question is - is it important to be able to kick head level? If it is a requirement for your training, then the matter should have been taken up earlier.
  15. urbantus

    urbantus New Member

    Im sorry Bigfoot I cannot agree with your comments

    After three years hard work I have achieved second kup status

    During that time Ive worked really hard to improve in all aspects of Tae Kwon Do including improving my flexibility

    All I said in the original message was that I wasnt as flexible as Id like to be and asked for guidance

    For you to insult my instructor and tell me Ive left it too late to improve my flexibility is not helpful

    In any case there is no set time span between grading

    If I need to work for two more years in order to improve my high section kicking then so be it.

    Id like to end by saying I hope we can agree to differ on this matter and move on with no bad feelings

  16. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    ... you've got determination urbantus and guidance from some of us as well as our hope that you achieve the flexibility needed for those high kicks.

    Especially when performed in pattern ... usually for high kicks in pattern you want to overemphasize the kick .... extend it out there with perfect rechambering and *snap!* ... it is a thing of beauty ....
    I'm telling you with all honesty... try the Kurz exercises (front/side/back stretches).... works for everyone I have told.

    As far as "flexibility goes...
    flexibility is part nature and part nurture, part genetic and part fitness. there are five factors that determine flexibility:

    The genetically determined elasticity and the length of the involved muscles and tendons, which can be altered through a well-designed strength-training program.

    The genetically determined structure of the joints.

    The genetically determined level of basic coordination that determines motor control of the involved joints, something that can be enhanced with training.

    The fitness level of the athlete, which is determined by genetics and training also.

    The psychological/emotional state of the martial artist, which is determined by genetics and environment. The stressed out or tense person will probably be less flexible than one who is calm and confident.

    Be and Stay Confident!!

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  17. urbantus

    urbantus New Member

    Thx for all your help

    I study Tae Kwon Do with my two children
    ages 16 and 14
    2nd kup and 3rd kup

    We aim to achieve our black belts some day and have no thoughts about quitting even when we find some new pattern or movement really difficuilt to master.

    To be honest it says it all in the tenents of Tae Kwon Do

    Thx again
  18. darlph

    darlph New Member

    What form are you doing? Out of curiousity.
    At 51 I have to give you a big hand. I train with a lady who just reached 1st Dan at 52. She is not as flexible as I am at 46. She can only front or round kick a little over belt high, while I go head high. But her power, form and speed is there. I have tried several methods of stretching to achieve high side and round kicks. But what I find is, if I don't practice the stretching every day, I lose what little I have gained. My kitchen counter has toe prints and heel prints. I stretch while on the phone tied to the wall. My pickup trucks bed side is another stretch area for me. Back of a chair.

    I know you will achieve your Black Belt along with your children some day. I wish you well in your endeavor.
  19. urbantus

    urbantus New Member

    ITF style Tae Kwon Do

    I think your spot on with your comments regarding stretching
    I find if I take time away from TKD I get really bad at all moves

    A friend of mine gave up TKD ayear ago
    She was really good at high kicks
    Now she is totally hopeless

    Im away on holiday soon

    Swimming and messing about in the sea

    Theres something about being in water that makes kicking exercises very worthwhile
    I intend to keep up my practice even when Im away

    Cheers All
  20. Greg_G47

    Greg_G47 New Member

    You're learning Hwa Rang Right? The turning kicks are with the ball of the foot, mid section, and on a 45ยบ angle. The first high section turning kick that I know of is in Chong Moo, and it's followed by a back kick. Anyway, There's probably some geographic variation in the patterns, so I won't debate that ;)

    Personally I find the best excercise for increasing kicking height is to hold onto a rail, point your heel paralell to the rail in the direction you're kicking and swing your leg up as high as you can while maintaining a knife edge as if doing a side-piercing kick. This will loosen up just about everything you need to throw head-level kicks. To work on back kicks repeat the same exersise but face towards the rail with the heel pointing away and perpendicular then swing the leg out behind you while still maintaining a knife edge.

    Hopefully that'll help. Different things work for different people so I can't guarantee anything.

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