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Discussion in 'Kuk Sool' started by TXKukSoolBB, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. TXKukSoolBB

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    General help question. My dearly beloved Joong Bong for the last eight years is showing her age. She is beginning to frey and come apart (strips are peeling off). The center of the staff is worn down in diameter (1000's of spins) and is now becoming jagged and rough. Should I sand her down some and then treat with an oil...or hang her on the "wall of honor?" Also...if it is time to welcome a new family member...any online store recommendations? All of the supply stores around here only sell tapered staffs. Thanks for any ideas.
  2. Wolf

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  3. AirNick

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    Personally I would say rattan is the only way to go. Sounds like thats what you already have though TXKukSoolBB?

    I think you should stick with it for a while, old worn out staffs are cool. I had a staff for years and years that got stolen and was gutted.

    I claimed it was unbreakable because it had been hit and used by just about all the hard hitters in KSW UK and had never even cracked, hehe
  4. Wolf

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    While I agree rattan is great training with a hardwood (at least on your spins) really makes working with the rattan even better down the road.
  5. Silentmonk

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    Yeah but if it does break you end up crying. I know from sad experience :cry: Damn Gi Ma Ja Se and his staff of steel. lol
  6. TXKukSoolBB

    TXKukSoolBB Valued Member

    I do have a hardwood for training (spins) only. We call it the "Iron Bar." The one I am talking about is a rattan one. It is a natural brown with dark wear marks. It has only broken one other staff in sparring. It is not very straight. I has little curves all the way down. It is like a dog that is so is cute.
  7. TXKukSoolBB

    TXKukSoolBB Valued Member

    Imagine doing that in front of KSN at a demo. That would be something no one has ever seen! (then I would have to go into hiding...change my name...etc....)
  8. Silentmonk

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    I used a metal staff for a while and have used hard wood ones too. The only problem that i found doing this was that as you accelerate them they tend to start dictating the speed that is they drive themselves. So i found that i was actually teaching my wrists to slow a staff down rather than speed it up. But that was just my experience. It did make my wrists a lot stronger though so i guess its just a case of the leser of two evils really. :) It wasn't teaching me my technique quite as well as strengthening the ligaments that i used so both have benefits. I use a rattan one now though and never train with the metal one at all. :rolleyes: wonder where that is :)
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  9. Gi Ma Ja Se

    Gi Ma Ja Se 90 degrees is 4 real MA's

    Just call my staff excalibur..... lol
  10. Wolf

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    My previous instructor for a while did something that would REALLY strengthen your wrists then. He had an old 25lb 4' railroad prybar. He would go through all his spins with that. I tried it, and I thought my arms were going to fall off afterward!
  11. Choiyoungwoo

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    easy fix

    Take your rattan staff (new or old) lightly sand the finish off the outside

    get some 1 " pvc( or larger if you want to do multiple staves at once) and cap and seal one end and fill it with linseed oil, cap the other end with a screw cap sealed w teflon tape on the threads. (make sure it is completely full and SEALED). and soak it for a few weeks, about 6 months is really better. remove it and wipe it down with a soft rag, then let it dry throughly, which might take a week or more. You will end up with a bong that is just a flexible, slightly heavier, MUCH more durable. and it will last for many years. Mine is used regularly for all manner of bong training and looks like it did in 1989. this whole process is cheap, easy, and the cost can be split among many folks who can use the apparatus over and over.
  12. MALibrarian

    MALibrarian Valued Member

    I have a hardwood staff I use for most of my training (named ole' miss', short for old misery) and then a white waxwood one that I use for other occasions (much lighter, very strong).
  13. KSW_KJN

    KSW_KJN Valued Member

    Tx, You'll find what you're looking for there in both hardwood and rattan. :)
  14. TXKukSoolBB

    TXKukSoolBB Valued Member

    Thanks for the suggestions and information.

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