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Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by 0-Markymark-0, Feb 16, 2018.

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    Dear Gurus,
    I emailed a local Tai Chi club asking to join as a beginner. I have been emailed back to say that I should wait for 2 months for the next intake for both my and their benefit as the latest intake of beginners are progressing.

    Of course I am happy to wait but it has raised a niggle with me. I have joined many TWD and salsa classes over the years as I've moved about. Without fail they all say come along now and get stuck in. I've always found that the skill of an instructor is one that can teach white belt to 3rd Dan in the same class with all being taught and stretched.

    Is the process for Tai Chi different?

  2. Smitfire

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    I think it varies and depends on what the instructor teaches, how they teach it and the results they are after. Both approaches (begin any time/begin at set times) can work so wouldn't be put off one way or the other.
    It's possible to teach a class from total beginner to 3rd dan, and all get some benefit, but also think both extremes of that spectrum are well served with training time more geared towards them.
    If I ever taught properly I would have beginner centric sessions that I would steer beginners towards (that more experienced people would obviously be allowed to train in too if they desired). And then also sessions where you have to be a certain experience level to partake where you can start to extend people, test them and explore stuff more in depth than you can with a total beginner.
    I've been on both ends of that spectrum and found plenty of times when a "caters for all" approach worked but didn't really cater as well as it might with the more extreme experience levels.
    I also quite like the idea of set times through the year when beginners start so they can really get a good foundation and attention.
    I don't think Tai Chi is any different to any other martial art in those regards.
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    No,I imagine in this instance it's the teacher's preference.

    Understandable,though.If you're weeks into a new teaching cycle and you have to pay attention bringing a new beginner up to speed it's going to detract from the time you spend on the people who have been there for awhile.

    This is more the exception than general practice by most teachers of whatever MA system but not unheard of. And hey,maybe it means it's a serious group.
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    Not the way my school works. People join at any time. That is a teacher/ school thing, not a Tai Chi Chuan thing.
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    Thanks for the replies. I still think it is somewhat unusual but if that's how it's run, I'll just have to respect that and assume it is for good reason. I'll give it a try when the next intake rolls around
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    They could have just taken your money and let you struggle while you try to catch up but that would'nt be in your interest or the other students.
    Thats the way they roll and it's a positive that it's a structured approach.
    Wait till the next intake and in the meantime try something else for comparison or possible mix, i.e - boxing.
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    Yeah man really there is no rush. In the mean time you could just be getting in better shape ^^
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