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Discussion in 'Jeet Kune Do' started by ScorpioJ, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. ScorpioJ

    ScorpioJ New Member

    Considering moving to Ireland to work for a year to earn a considerable more amount than i am in England but obviously still want to continue training in preferably authentic JKD but anythings better than nothing...

    I would be living in the Bray area of Dublin so if any one can offer any information what so ever, it would be very much appreciated.

  2. LS

    LS Full Metal Jacket.

    Tommy carruthers has a group out in Ireland, and he does make periodic trips to Ireland. Check out his website and his board, ask about the Ireland group and maybe you guys can work something out. Good luck !
  3. tel

    tel absorb what is useful for

    saw some of his stuff, personally i would not train with him, seems like he is just trying to be bruce lee
  4. LS

    LS Full Metal Jacket.

    whatever floats your boat tel, but he's very good, and more importantly, his students are good too. They are probably the hardest training commercial group out there; so they're a tough crowd.

    One, those clips are old, but they are a demonstration of his ability at the same time. Also, the clips being in Germany where WC is big over there, tommy was explaining some of the applications taught to him via Jesse Glover.
  5. tel

    tel absorb what is useful for

    i would like to train with him to get a proper view but seen a dvd of him and doing a trap followed by kick which looked like the beckham kick from france 98, looked stupid and made him look bad
  6. neb

    neb Banned Banned

    Dude, we're all trying to be like Bruce Lee :D

    Face it, the man is seriosuly imitateable!
  7. ScorpioJ

    ScorpioJ New Member

    Thanks for the feedback...

    I guess i'll keep my options open then!

    Does no-one know of any other gyms training in Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Arnis/Escrima around that area? Surely???


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