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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by Atre, Sep 29, 2009.

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    Just made a move back to Uni and thus switched clubs (kickboxing), I've had my first session and BLIMEY there was a difference [be warned, I'm about to make a cardinal sin by judging a club after one session:cool:]...

    Old club focused on light contact competitions (instructor being multi-champ at this) new club is full contact ('cos Varsity competitions are full contact). I've decided that full contact combinations are bloody slow**, and I need to get hand wraps or I'll explode my wrists :p.

    It'll be an interesting learning experience switching clubs - I'm looking forward to it (mostly).

    Anyone got interesting reminiscences on making the change from light to full contact? Or advice on the differing mindsets?

    PS. Thread title was what I thought about 5 minutes into lesson when I noticed the difference in my rear roundhouse strength between normal and reverse stances :hammer:

    **Yer, I know this isn't true IRL - The lesson focused getting power into your jabs, when let loose free style I think people were 'setting' themselves before each strike - 'tis odd to see 2 punches unloaded in the time I'd previously expected to see at least 3 punches and a kick.
  2. Moi

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    Make everything count. Use less techniques but make them hard and accurate and then cover up immediately.

    If you stick with it and get some decent power into some of the more flamboyant kicking techniques from your light contact days you'll make for an interesting fighter.
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    Totally agree with what Moi said. Depending on how your light contact was set up (1 or 2 rounds) its not a case of trying to score everything you can and be the better fighter, and of course holding back on the K.O isn't so much the case in full contact ;)
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    Consider also that FC is as much about conditioning yourself to take a hit as it is to give one. If you think it's tough now, wait 'til you start sparring proper!

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