Jesus Christ (real or not?)

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    If you claim "it can't all be placebo" you have to first demonstrate you know what placebo actually is
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    Mod note: Endolphins, surely you can make your arguments without bordering on personal attacks? (post 229) Thank you.
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    I know what a placebo is and I've said what I've had to say.
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    The same basic thing was said to me a couple of posts back. But it's cool. I see how things operate here

    : /
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    Thank you but that won't be necessary. Im comfortable enough with what I do and what I'm about to continue bickering about opinions when I and my clients have experienced great results. If some have a problem with accepting that, well too bad I guess.

    Ive got all the proof I need through tangible experience and feedback and even visual differences from people.

    So I'm happy
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    I'm purely commenting so I can read this thread later on.

    With a cold beer and a massive smile on my face.

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    [ame=""]E-Motion - Official Trailer - YouTube[/ame]

    Watch with an open mind and investigate further if you'd like to know more about this.

    If you've ever heard about cellular memories and energy blockages in the body, you may be familiar with some of this.

    My points about this methodology being quantum is actually quite simple. Quantum physics (the real kind not suppressed by dogma and robot-reaction skepticism due to prison-perception left brain thinking) is proving that we live in a world of empty, interconnected space, as it's now been shown that the atom (which makes up everything 'physical' according to Newtonian physics) is pretty much something like 99.999999% empty space.

    What is all of this empty space? This intelligent energy or awareness that we're all part of and living in. Like a drop in the ocean. Where does it start and where does the drop begin and end?

    This is why we can do long distance sessions on a subject like an animal who doesn't qualify for placebo, especially when there is no human contact involved during the process which is very standard fare for us ;)

    Our senses decode the energy as being physical through the mind-body biological computer, filtering and giving to us, just a mere fraction of what there really is to see within the electromagnetic spectrum. Remember what I stated earlier, that human beings can't see all there is to see within the electromagnetic spectrum. We are practically blind, yet we think we have it all figured out with the extremely limiting and fast becoming obsolete, mechanistical and Newtonian mode of how the world works.

    Mechanistic looks at the parts as seperate, quantum physics looks at the interconnectedness between everything at the molecular level and even beyond and deeper than that!

    This is why one can connect with the energy of another being miles away if you know what you're doing and how to tap into and communicate with the subconscious (the intelligent energy matrix that makes up all).

    Using certain methods such as muscle-testing, we are able to tap into this intelligent energy matrix which we are all part of and acquire answers about what's going on in the body, finding and removing the underlying energetic causes of illness, pain and much more to make conditions right for the body to heal itself and this manifests as decoded experience on the physical or even holographic level.

    If you look at holographic technology, you can take a holographic image source and cut it into 100 pieces and no matter how small you make those pieces, they are exact representations of the whole even if scaled down.

    You see types of alternative healing where the foot or hand is massaged or manipulated in a way to affect other parts of the body as the foot or hand is just a smaller, scaled down version or expression of the entire body.

    ''As above, so below'' is a term I'm sure some of you have come across and there is much truth to that.

    [ame=""]The Holographic Universe Part Three - YouTube[/ame]

    This intelligent and aware energy matrix, also known as the subconscious mind amidst other names since antiquity, knows exactly what is going on with you and is a huge database of stored memory, energy and traumas from the past, which can all be removed and cleared for better health and well-being.

    I hope some of what I've said ties up anything that may have caused confusion.

    Energy or chi, ka, ki, prana as it's know around the world is very real and can even be picked up as seen below.

    [ame=""]Kirlian Photography at UCLA - YouTube[/ame]

    Since I've been asked to elaborate more, I've provided a starter guide or framework to begin your own investigations before coming to your own conclusions.

    I for one am not trying to prove that this is real or convince, I already am due to the experiences and the happenings in my own life. This is to clear up any confusion, or at least a start to that.


    PS This

    [ame=""]David Icke - Left Brain Vs. Right Brain - YouTube[/ame]
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    Why invent all the nonsense? Why not just say that reflection, mindfulness, compassion, meditation and calm introspection can reduce stress, which in turn can affect the immune system?

    Judging by the production values it looks like they are making a pretty penny out of this stuff.

    So now you're saying that the century of work by our brightest minds in physics, working with some of the most complex technology humanity has ever devised, is not "real" quantum physics? And people cribbing off Deepak Chopra's fantasies and misrepresentations are the "real" quantum mechanics?

    Can you not see that there is a gap in your logic there. How did we leap from empty space to "intelligent energy"?

    [ame=""]Quantum Physics Woo - Sixty Symbols - YouTube[/ame]

    You still haven't answered my questions about controlling for observer bias. So how long do you keep animals isolated to make sure that they get no effect from handling?

    There is not a lick of sense to any of this. You do not understand what quantum physics is. You criticise classical physics, yet you show that you don't understand how energy works from that perspective. You are just spewing words without having the first clue of their meaning.

    That was a horrendous misuse of Leonard Susskind. I bet most people watching that didn't realise he was joking about Sherlock Holmes being a renowned intellectual.

    Anyway, that is not the holographic universe Susskind was talking about:

    Jeffrey Satinover is a disgusting human being who takes money from right-wing religious groups for his spurious theories on how to "cure" homosexuality.

    Kirlian photography is well known as nonsense designed to take money from suckers at psychic fairs.

    Well, thanks for elaborating, but it hasn't cleared up anything, because it is all nonsense. Honestly, do yourself a favour and take a night school class in introductory physics.

    I'm not even going to get into Icke. Some of us remember that Wogan interview.
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    Thanks for typing that out David. The word vomit is exhausting. Theres's a term that's thrown around in biology/creationism debates called the Gish Gallop for things just like this.
  11. Endolphins

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    It's not about Icke the man himself mate, it's about the information in that video, but it's pretty funny, the irony in you brushing it off like that without even looking at it first.

    Wogan got a second visit years later. You seen part two?

    It's amazingly ironic, but such is the irony of speaking without truly being heard

    [ame=""]David Icke - Wogan Now & Then - YouTube[/ame]

    I don't base my thoughts and views on what others have told me but through the information presented no matter what the source. That's the beauty of critical thinking infused with 'outside the box' investigation. There are bigger pictures beyond a single word or many for that matter.

    Watch the last Icke video :p
  12. philosoraptor

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    Wait, where's the critical thinking you're talking about? Science is not decided by videos, interviews, or movie previews.
  13. David Harrison

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    Yeah, I have seen it. But why would I listen to a footballer talking about neurology when I could listen to a neurologist about it?

    I hope you watched the video I posted, and read the links.
  14. Endolphins

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    “Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”

    ― Leonardo da Vinci
  15. philosoraptor

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    Vague quotes no more endorse your hypotheses than your misunderstandings of quantum physics do.
  16. Endolphins

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    Have you even read a singe book of his or have you made up your mind? You're missing the crux of what I'm trying to communicate.

    Trying to reach some middle ground but it seems hella hard lol.

    Regarding that video, yeah, I'm checking it out. I'm open to new information :)
  17. David Harrison

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    Yes, I've read The Biggest Secret, as well as leafing through a few others, and watched a couple of videos of his talks, I've also seen a documentary on him by Jon Ronson.

    Again, you're presuming that anyone who has the same experiences as you will be convinced of your views. It is not the case.
  18. Endolphins

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    Leonardo Da Vinci was a whole brained individual utilizing both left (structure, system, order) and right brain (creativity, insight, intuition, knowing) and merged the two and to us, he's a genius.

    Starting to get an idea? ;)
  19. David Harrison

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    What's that got to do with quantum physics or the holographic principle?
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    Darn skeptics!!!!!!! With their evidence and proof they always want.

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