Jesus Christ (real or not?)

Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by Bozza Bostik, Oct 19, 2016.

  1. Endolphins

    Endolphins Valued Member

    What perhaps ****es you two off is that I'm not conforming to your perceptions of me and hence here comes the abuse.

    Bruised egos and petty words.

    Verbal martial arts.

    Well it's been a fun workout, I must really go. You two seem so busy nitpicking random strangers' posts on a supposedly open minded thread.

    I believe it's called psychological fascism, another lovely gift from the slavish, dogmatic left brain junkie.

    Adios, it's been fun, now don't wait up now
  2. David Harrison

    David Harrison MAPper without portfolio

    No, I don't believe telling people to objectively test things before trusting their health to it is abuse. I think that telling people that rigorous testing is useless and you should just buy into my woo-woo is abuse.
  3. Endolphins

    Endolphins Valued Member

    Yes I'm aware of this but comparing it to entertainment? Really? Wow.

    Doesn't change the fact that it has worked for many. I was there, I experienced it.

    You two are speculating on it.
  4. David Harrison

    David Harrison MAPper without portfolio

    Quite the opposite, you have conformed to my expectations of you exactly. Which is a shame, because before you started peddling that rubbish you didn't give off that impression at all and seemed like a sensible fellow.

    My ego is fine thanks.

    Physician, heal thyself. ;)

    Nope, just simple evidence.

    All you had to do was actually explain what it is you think is happening, at any kind of mechanistic level whatsoever, rather than get all defensive because you actually have nothing to back up any of your claims about how this stuff "works". Then I obviously touched a nerve about money and you threw your toys out of the pram. No worries, I don't mind, but it's a bit rich when you accuse me of "psychological fascism", just because I won't do you the disservice of entertaining your delusions of grandeur.

    As for "left brain junkie", that would appear that you are the one using fascistic sophistry to turn me into "the other". It is also funny, because as an intrepid psychonaut... I've seen things you people wouldn't believe...
  5. Endolphins

    Endolphins Valued Member

    We do not suggest any of the people we do sessions with to replace their health issues with this treatment, that's a very big no no. We are supplementary and are encouraged to suggest our clients see a doctor as we treat them on the side in major cases where we fee it is necessary. This method of healing is more preventative. It's not to be used for first aid obviously.

    Wow, people are so cynical these days, instant worst case scenario situation
  6. David Harrison

    David Harrison MAPper without portfolio

    John Edward has worked for many. They were there, they experienced it.

    Do you not think it is just a little strange that, no matter how you believe the universe works, you can get spooky magic to work?
  7. philosoraptor

    philosoraptor carnivore in a top hat Supporter

    I agree with David - you cannot defend your practice nor even explain your thinking without resorting to vagueness and claim that people who question you are close minded bullies. This is exactly my experience talking to people who go in for the 'woo-woo'.

    If questioning people is fascism I suggest you eat more lotus leaves.
  8. philosoraptor

    philosoraptor carnivore in a top hat Supporter

    Ah, so it doesn't work, but it makes people feel better. Maybe you shouldn't be charging for that.
  9. Endolphins

    Endolphins Valued Member

    Delusions of grandeur?

    Truth be told, you wouldn't believe what I've seen either so let's leave it at that man.

    What's to say your not speaking without knowledge?

    Are you?
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  10. philosoraptor

    philosoraptor carnivore in a top hat Supporter

    @David Harrison - let's cook a mushroom dinner together sometime.
  11. Endolphins

    Endolphins Valued Member

    Classic spin of words and context, I always see that happen when ego is involved
  12. David Harrison

    David Harrison MAPper without portfolio

    Wait, are we talking about Society again?

    Seriously though, I've not made any claims that, not only defy everything we have so far discovered about anatomy and physics, but include practices that have already been soundly trashed as having any efficacy.

    So how am I talking without knowledge?

    Oh, and you'll like this; I just found some articles about the effectiveness of placebo on sciatica. Cool, huh? :)
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  13. philosoraptor

    philosoraptor carnivore in a top hat Supporter

    You've said you're charging for your practice and that your techniques are not an adequate replacement for scientific medicine. If that is the case you should at the very least apply for a tax exemption for your witch doctory. Again, you are free to present evidence that has been tested, controlled for, and peer reviewed - the fact that you have not suggests to me that you cannot. An ethical person would not charge other people for this chicanery.
  14. David Harrison

    David Harrison MAPper without portfolio

    Hmmm... I always see a woo-woo boogeyman blamed for anything that challenges the woo.
  15. Endolphins

    Endolphins Valued Member

    You obviously don't read my posts correctly, I said some compensate me out of their own choice and have never asked for it back mind you and I offered refunds. Not one taken.

    Sometimes you don't need a labcoat and a polished looking stack of official looking papers written by Dr PHD to get a hint across...

    Circles and circles and circles....

    What are we playing, pass the opinion along :p

    Because that is what you're offering me, your opinions and grand assumptions coming from your own biased perception of me and what I do.

    Attack the messenger, lest you be forced to contemplate the message perhaps.

    Selective reading seems very real...

    Regarding regular medicine, I stated in some cases, not all because sometimes no medicine is needed at all.
  16. Endolphins

    Endolphins Valued Member

    As do I believe you me, there are many kinds of woo, you see...

    I added a Dr Seus vibe to make this more fun :)
  17. David Harrison

    David Harrison MAPper without portfolio

    Look man, we're not attacking you. You are the one who has made this personal. Ideas should stand and fall on their own merit.

    So far, you haven't actually given any substantive mechanism by how any of this works, and neither does the official website, it is all vague gobbledygook. And anecdotal stories of all kinds of nutty stuff having real effects is very common, but always fails to stand up to actual, objective testing.

    Talking about filters, you don't seem to be respecting my experience of finding energy practices to happily be explained by placebo and other evidence-based phenomena.

    Going back to applied kinesiology; have you ever heard of the ideomotor effect?
  18. David Harrison

    David Harrison MAPper without portfolio

    Thanks son, that is more fun :)
  19. Endolphins

    Endolphins Valued Member

    Yes I've heard of those and contemplated upon them but what I've seen and experienced cannot all be placebo's one after the other like that, especially regarding animals. That is a big point as well or did you forget that? It doesn't fit into the rigid checklist of mechanistic science, oh my? It's a disaster! It's woo woo. I am a dalek, I am a dalek!

    Investigate further with an open mind and see for yourself buddy. Or do you need a man with a PHD and shiny white coats to tell you what's right and what's not right. What works and what doesn't work. How about seeing it for yourself and coming to your own understandings, starting with a blank sheet of paper and putting your pride down and forget what you think you know.

    Sometimes simplicity really is key. It works, so why try nitpick everything into exactly how it works. The fact is, is that it works!

    And that's cool by me, so keep intellectualizing, doesn't change a thing :)
  20. philosoraptor

    philosoraptor carnivore in a top hat Supporter

    Demonstrate that then. Use statistical testing, double blind experiments, etc., etc. Until then you're just another crazed man on the street.

    Investigation begins with skepticism. You don't simply say "THE BUTLER DID IT!"

    Because this is the same attitude that sustains any number of spurious medical practices.

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