Jeet Kune Do & Personal Combatives (Free Seminar on 07/28/12 in Southern California)

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    Chinatown JKD, Combat In-Sight, and the Primal Academy are proud to present the 1st ever official Chinatown JKD seminar in combination with a CBI "Personal Combatives" workshop.

    WHEN: Saturday, July 28, 2012 at 10am
    WHERE: Primal Academy - Upland, CA

    D.M. Blue (Chinatown JKD, CBI / WW2 Combatives)
    Lloyd Kennedy (CBI / Combat Jujutsu)
    Kevin Ford (CBI)

    LOCATION: Upland, California
    Primal Academy
    1318 Monte Vista Ave #20
    Upland, CA 91786

    CONTACT: (909) 920-4350

    Personal Combatives - [ame=""][/ame]
    Chinatown JKD - [ame=""][/ame]

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