Japanese martial arts VS Chinese martial arts

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by JediKnight25, May 21, 2006.

  1. Bil Gee

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    I don't know where to start on this, or whether it's even worth bothering with.
    Not everybody who trains in Karate just trains by kicking and punching the air and punching from the hip. It's depends on the school, some schools turn out karateka who can whoop ass.

    I would have let this one pass if you hadn't used wing chun as an example which is most definitely not "circular" by anybody's definition.

    Define "powerful"

    So after less than two years kung fu I am able to destroy any karateka who challenge me, in less than six seconds. Even if they have been training full contact for the last ten years. Cool.:rolleyes:

    Cool, I can beat anyone who does TKD as well, even olympic champions.

    So are these "ridiculous" styles still "th3 d33dly" enabling you to flatten TKD olympic gold medalists after just a few weeks of training?

    This is basically kung fu nutriding. It's this sort of ridiculous drivel that damages the image of Chinese martial arts. Do not doubt that there are very capable fighters at the top of any martial art you care to mention who would be able to hand you your "d33dly" kung fu ass on a plate.
  2. Atharel

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    o_O tell that to a pro boxer? Hip power is very good. Overemphasizing it, as is often found in less than full contact karate, is of course not.

    Are any of these karate schools you've observed Enshin or Kyoukushin style?
  3. TigerKai

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    I think a big difference between the two is the lack of relaxation for speed in karate. You are taught to be rigid and exert alot of tension in every technique that it slows you down. There aren't many compoud movements or movements on the half, quarter or eight beat. There aren't many feints or deceptive movements.

    1) kung fu has the whip-like power affect into most strikes; the same reason there is a sonic boom at the end of a bull whip. A tense antagonistic muscle will act as a brake and slow your strikes down, you'll also tire out more quickly. This is Ging

    2) kung fu utilizes body rotation and pivoting into strikes and blocks which sets your next move right into place and adds about 110% more power into your strikes. If you use the width of your body to pivot into an attack you get a 'slamming door' affect. This is Chi

    3) many kung fu styles train iron chi kung for one or more parts of their body giving them a more lethal striking tool.

    So when you have a fighter's mentality using practical movements instilled with Ging, Chi and Iron you have someone that could part an army in hand to hand.
  4. Bil Gee

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    It sounds like you've been exposed to some karate McDojo and have the idea that that is how all karateka and TKDists train. It isn't, and there are plenty of really poor kung fu schools that peddle the same sort of crap.

    Some good points:D, but again you may have difficulty ripping his testicles off after your arm has been snapped in half. Do you honestly believe that your "d33dly" kung fu training would protect you from somebody who had trained long and hard in BJJ, and make you invincible? Even the professional ones who fight in UFC?
    I've argued against most of the BJJ propaganda on this forum more often than I care to remember, but it is a system with a lot of people who train hard, and hard training is a infinitely more important in the production of good fighters than the style.

    I strongly suspect that you don't believe most of the things that you've written, this to me looks like blatent trolling.
  5. Bil Gee

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    You should stop now.
  6. TigerKai

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    Not with karate or TKD Bil
  7. TigerKai

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    I train just as hard as BJJ guys
  8. Bil Gee

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  9. TigerKai

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    If only you could decipher my post and see the gems of knowledge I just handed you.

    Pearls to swine I guess.
  10. Bil Gee

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    Does that mean that you could beat anyone who wasn't studying kung fu?
  11. TigerKai

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    I can be beaten but I'm VERY certain that it isn't ever going to be karate or TKD unless you tie me up first.
  12. TheDarkJester

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    I know a boxer you can try your deadly skills on.. You may reconsider the whole punching from the hip thing once he lays you out.
  13. Bil Gee

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    You're making some very big and bold claims there. Your profile doesn't really tell us much though, perhaps you can give us all some background on your training and fighting experience?
  14. TigerKai

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    ok we will see, send him to my studio.

    117 S. Columbus St.
    Lancaster, OH

    PM for my cell #
  15. bcullen

    bcullen They are all perfect.

    :rolleyes: It's like a black hole of ignorance and arrogance. :bang:
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  17. Sankaku-jime

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  18. TigerKai

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    I've brought that fight up in another forum. The kung fu fighter isn't great and there are no eye, face, throat or groin shots. Again, vital strike restriction allows BJJ to dominate the octagon.
  19. TigerKai

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    Drunkard style is one of those wacky forms of kung fu that is primarily specialized to counter another kung fu style.
  20. Sankaku-jime

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    they are all old clips, for sure

    any way your just making excuses, these clips must be humiliating for CMA supremecists !!!

    ROFLMAO :p

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