Japanese Counter martial art?

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by FightingMonk2k3, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. FightingMonk2k3

    FightingMonk2k3 Valued Member

    has anyone heard of a Japanese art: Shinamume. or somethign like that?

    it originates in Japan and it uses a lot of counter strikes against the opponent and evasion techniques. a friend i know at school claims he's a master in it (he's in his mid 20s) and is telling me that it's the toughest style out there to beat (he claims that no one can be it). apparently he says that his karate dojo is in the San Fransisco Bay area.

    if anyone has hear anything about this karate place, please message me!
  2. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    Go train with him and find out.

    But if he claims that no-one can beat that style he is either being economical with the truth or has a lot of travelling to do in his martial arts journey.


    Do I get a prize for most diplomatic post ever? :D
  3. lucas

    lucas Valued Member

    when is he going to fight in the ufc sounds like he's a sinch to win. :D
  4. FightingMonk2k3

    FightingMonk2k3 Valued Member

    heres the funny part, he says he only does big tournaments. i'll talk to him when i see him next.

    he was telling me last week that ESPN video taped him during one of his sparring matches. he didnt say what year though.
  5. ap Oweyn

    ap Oweyn Ret. Supporter

    You certainly ought to. :D

    Never heard of the style. But the sales brochure your friend is spouting is nonsense. There's no such thing as an unbeatable style. That's just the way it is.

  6. FightingMonk2k3

    FightingMonk2k3 Valued Member

    i agree! okay, i asked him today about where his dojo is located, he said berkeley. and i asked him the name, and of course, i forgot it LOL.

    but i did look in google in their local section and i saw NOTHING of the sort for his karate system that the internet posted.

    i did ask him to bring in pictures too! he said he'll take some next time he's over there. so that may take a while, if i understand that right.

    for all i know, he could take some pictures off the internet from some other guy's site and photoshop it so his picture and stuff is in it.

    i'll keep you all posted with what's going on.
  7. aml01_ph

    aml01_ph Urrgggh...

    I'd like to see this.....:D
  8. Yohan

    Yohan In the Spirit of Yohan Supporter

    People just lie about martial arts. They have no reason for it, they just do. For some reason, martial arts brings up the dishonesty from the depths of people conciousnes.

    This weekend I was visiting some relatives, and I have a (first? second? third? . . . ) cousin (once removed? twice removed? . . . ) who, after I told him I did martial arts, told me that he did kara-te (elitish pronunciation thingy added). He went on to talk about how he had learned from the Russian presidents ex-bodyguard, and had learned judo, jujutsu and karate from the guy.




    No reason to lie, he just did it to inflate his own ego.
  9. FightingMonk2k3

    FightingMonk2k3 Valued Member

    wanted to tell you all that so far, this friend of mine hasnt brought in evidence at all about his karate dojo from Berkeley. it's been a few weeks now and so far he hasnt done anything to prove what i've asked him (which were to bring me pix of his karate place).
  10. cdnronin

    cdnronin Valued Member

    I believe the law of physics still apply, so action is faster than reaction. If it is strictly(or mainly) a countering and evasive art(don't be where the other guy is striking), you are reacting to someone else's original motion. ever hear of a fake or a feint? Ever hear of BS?
  11. TheDarkJester

    TheDarkJester 90% Sarcasm, 10% Mostly Good Advice.

    You should've sucker punched him in the jaw then tackled him to a submission.
  12. FightingMonk2k3

    FightingMonk2k3 Valued Member

    I have heard of both. and frankly, i wanted to call his BS too. thats y i wanted to have him bring in pix and stuff.

  13. FightingMonk2k3

    FightingMonk2k3 Valued Member

    well, it's been almost 2 months since i asked him to show me proof of his karate place in berkeley (with pictures). he hasn't shown me anything thing at all.

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