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Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by BGile, May 24, 2007.

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    Hi Kempofist,
    I mentioned it to you and said I had it fixed so you could go. I did this on this particular forum Hmmm. Short memory :confused:

    One of the reasons I think maybe you are not the same person and more than one might be using your name in the dorm/apt/room. The hours you are on this thread would be very late in New York. The time right now is 4:58 AM in Sacramento CA but in NY it is later. So if it was 11:30 or so in Sac when I was writing it was more like 2:30am in your area.

    Maybe your group of people are using the computer like the illegals do with a bed, when one gets out the other gets in.

    It is not private all people are welcome, a very much different thing then other organizations, we invite all to attend and learn. You missed a good thing and now you are really showing your stripes.

  2. BGile

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    It was right under the pictures, like I mentioned his son added the comment.
    :confused: You guys are pretty sharp all right. ;) Not really that hard to find. But then I do consider several of you to be among the weakest link in the chain. :D

    (Added by Roarke Tracy)
    There is this picture of some of Ed Parker's students that is being used on the web to "prove" there were no black belts in the country at that time. My Dad and Uncles tell me that Paul Pung was a Kenpo black belt and had Paul's Karate in San Francisco
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  3. BGile

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    That is cute, I'll put that into my pic's, hope you don't mind?

    It is good that you posted this, reminds me of other references and totally wrong. :p

    Did you read the link and miss the statement about Paul Pung also :eek:
    Geez, and I thought you of all this group would have found it with the easy/simple directions/instructions I gave...

    Now I fully understand the reasons we are not able to communicate. You have to follow instruction, first and foremost and look around and be aware. :confused:

    I noticed I actually posted it on the wrong thread, I am surprised one of you links (weak ones) did not notice that, and chastize me about it. :D
    I'll post it over there with all the new info I have given you we can then discuss it in the proper venue... :Alien:

    :D :D
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    My computer is password locked, and I am awake at obscure hours :)

    edit* mind to send me a link of this supposed offered and accepted invite, and what kind of conditions I'd be attending it with?
  5. BGile

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    Kempofist, you missed it. I told you about it several weeks ago and you said no :confused:
  6. KempoFist

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    oooh, so we are talking about the same summit that I missed. Well Gary, do you have a link to this board where my attendance was discussed?
  7. BGile

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    I discussed it with my friend and owner of the school where I train, Pat Kelly.
    He is high in the org. (the Kai). Explained I was wanting you to be able to attend and see what we do. He said he would tell Bruce etc..

    Is that what you are asking :confused: He was there and the principle instructor who you would have talked to and seen. I have not talked to Bruce one on one in some time. Since the last gathering. Oct 2006...

    It was set for you to go. But you declined right out of the gate.

    You could talk to Pat and ask him, if I discussed it with him, if you like.

    Elk Grove Martial Arts Academy
    Pat Kelly-Head Instructor-Owner
    Elk Grove, CA 95624
    916 686-KICK

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  8. BGile

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    So there is nothing more about James Mitose Jr. and the teaser to get me to e-mail a bogus, e-mail add? LOL

    Because I asked for proof and you did not supply, does that mean you were not telling the truth in the first place ;)

  9. BGile

    BGile Banned Banned

    So this is just another smoke screen and you are about out of smoke it appears, from what I have been reading of late. That is good...

    Danjo you need to read more and post less I am thinking LOL


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