It's part of Kuk Sool, or is it???

Discussion in 'Kuk Sool' started by Choiyoungwoo, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. Choiyoungwoo

    Choiyoungwoo Guest

    What have you learned in KSW thats NOT on the syllabus? It seems that there is much more to KSW than meets the Textbook. Everyone chime in....

    Give Korean names if you can.
  2. psbn matt

    psbn matt great sage = of heaven

    knife throwing (ghum too ki)
    sword sparring (ghum dae ryun)
    8 jool bong spinning sets, 3 double jool bong spinning sets
  3. DL.Demolition

    DL.Demolition New Member

    I just got my MMA gloves and am traveling upto Scotland for the weekend to train with Team Xtreme on grapling, submissions and some of the more traditional KSW techniques.

    Those guys and gals are hardcore. Cant wait!

  4. AirNick

    AirNick Valued Member

    Spear Sparring
    Loads of different jump kicks
  5. Mung Kee

    Mung Kee Valued Member

    ki stripping techniques
    ki bon hyung etc, (technique sets put into a form)
    defence against sword strikes
    boxing drills

    i dunno, maybe these are in the syllabus as you get up the ranks.
  6. coc716

    coc716 Just Some Guy

    That sounds interesting. Can you explain more?
  7. Mung Kee

    Mung Kee Valued Member

    KJN Sun Jin Suh taught us at a seminar a few years back.

    Basically Ki Bon Hyung is all 15 tecniques joined together including all pins and finishes and any pivots. As you finish say ki bon soo #1 with the rolling backfist you would then quicly move into #2 etc.

    It's done without a partner and is quite good once you get the hang of it. Feels a bit weird to begin with. Just imagine your Jet Li fighting loads of bad people, doing a technique on each of them :D lol!

    you can obviously do this with any technique set you want.
  8. Dr Doberman

    Dr Doberman Valued Member

    Ki Bohn Hyung is the set of Ki Bohn Soo's all performed continuously with very small variations. It's really cool to watch!!
  9. Wolf

    Wolf Totalitarian Dictator

    additional jool bong spin sets and double jool bong sets
    a jool bong form
    too guhm
  10. coc716

    coc716 Just Some Guy

    Ki Bohn Hyung. Wow... sounds interesting. I'd love to see it, but I think I get the idea.
  11. DL.Demolition

    DL.Demolition New Member

    I was tought this from In huk Suh himself years back and I have never ever forgot the lesson it was great.

  12. ImaJayhawk

    ImaJayhawk Valued Member

    The first part of Bong Dae Ryuhn Hyung. Where the attacker and defender are split up into two forms so that you can practice Bong Dae Ryuhn without a partner.
  13. kswgreenman

    kswgreenman New Member

    Two of the jool bong spinning sets
    Ki Bohn Hyung
    A whole slew of fiendish exercises and stretches
  14. ember

    ember Valued Member

    Another old but good thread, that has a bearing on curriculum changes.
  15. SaBumNim

    SaBumNim Valued Member

    Self Defense Combos
    Full Contact Sparring
    Jool Bong
    Many variant techniques created by various instructors.
  16. hwarang cl

    hwarang cl The Evil Twin

    Those sound interesting, could you explain.

    Lets see some more,

    The sport style grappling technique set
    Both Jool Bong hyungs
    Sword sparring demo
    The special Bong techniques
  17. MadMonk108

    MadMonk108 JKD/Kali Instructor

    Yeah, I'm wondering what ki stripping techniques are.
  18. JSun

    JSun Valued Member

    Soo do and Pahl Kum Chi pak and lop sau drills/trapping
  19. JSun

    JSun Valued Member

    If there were a dojang of hot ladies, a "gi" stripping drill might be interesting to learn :D
  20. Mung Kee

    Mung Kee Valued Member

    well i only did them twice but they were quite cool. It involved running your thumb/hand from one pressure point to another (in a stripping motion....if there is such a thing LOL). Depending on the pressure point, different areas of your body were affected and felt weaker!

    JSun - Gi stripping rocks!! :D Get yourself over to's cold and wet but our dojang is filled with hot women!!

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