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    I need your help. I have started compiling a list of ITF Schools world wide but it can only be filled in with your help. Here's the facebook page.
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    Join, and you'll see my nag posts asking everyone who had joined to add their information. I started this list because I ran into trouble finding an ITF school in the Vegas area and recently discovered, through networking, that there are three that I didn't know about.

    If you're not on FB but want your information added you can do one of two things. First, you can post your information here if MAP doesn't object. If that is a problem then send me a pm. I need the name of the school, location/country, head instructor, telephone, email address, and website. This information will be compiled and submitted regularly to all of the ITF organizations I have a record of.

    Currently, as it stands, the ITF has limited listings. Sure, they have a few but they're not doing a very good job of keeping track. That's probably because someone will earn a blackbelt, open a school and not submit their information to the ITF because there is no instruction on how to do this.

    MOD note. Please do not add e-mails, telephone numbers etc on here. Not everyone uses a business e-mail address or phone number.
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    Sorry, but we don't allow links back to personal sites.
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    Simon, thank you for the explanation. Is it ok for people to send me a private message?

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