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Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by FightingMonk2k3, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. FightingMonk2k3

    FightingMonk2k3 Valued Member

    I was surfing the internet for some franchises to possibly look at in getting and one came up as an ITA franchise. I was wondering if the TKD they are offering to people to learn, was something that was a blend of all the "versions" of TKD or just one specific TKD type.

    I was also wondering too, is if this franchise was worth while to invest in.

    Any information would be helpful!
  2. Spookey

    Spookey Valued Member

    Dear Sir,

    I highly encourage you to do some heavy research. As with anything there is the negative and the positive.
    The ITA was for years an altered style of Chang Heon Taekwondo, so I believe they are of that lineage. From a martial artists stand point, the organization was not looked extremely high of upon for many years. However, from an economical stand point they seem to be somewhat of a franchise powerhouse (especially in the Southeastern United States). There are TaekwondoPlus+ dojangs all through Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. I primarily attribute this to their HQ being in this region of the country.

    In recent years they have changed several concepts of their business and martial arts philosophy. They now call themselves Ho-Ahm Taekwondo, although I am not sure if they have already or intend to introduce a new pattern set (I am guessing they are following the business model of the ATA)

    I believe they are some how associated with Dr. He Young Kimm , founder of Han Mu Do or were for a time. They have also introduced a children's format of Gracie sponsored Jiu-Jitsu.

    Let me know how your research goes, I am a bit of a historian of modern organizations, and am always interested in new resources!

  3. STKDH

    STKDH Valued Member

    Fightingmonk2k3, i would have to agree with spookey!

    I was a member of the ITA for some and although I don't know anything much to do with the franchise of it all, I would do some very in depth research before making any financial commitments.

    As spookey has said they aren't very popular for several reasons. They often change their cirriculum/syllubus/requirements for advancement and are always adding "extras" that againg cost money. OK in a money making side of things they have a good nack for it, however all those that have pulled out of the ITA for whatever reason have 9 times out of 10 been ripped to pieces in court by the ITA for thousands.

    Their new found associations ie Dr. Kimm and Gracie JJ is a good thing, but like in most joining of orgs or associations, things were dramiticly changed in the ITA, some good some bad.

    Their style of tkd is unique. No one that I know of is teaching what they do. Their forms are "modified" from Gen. Choi's and only 14 of them. Their grading cycles are only 2 months long and although you obviouly don't have to grade each time 90% of students do. The standards of some ITA students/instructors (not all however, there are some fantastic MA's in the ita) are very poor.

    Some ppl may prefere the ITA some do not. Personally I do not like enough of what they do hence my departing. However yuo like many others may like what they do and want to invest in the ITA. At the end of the day it's yuor choice.

  4. RagingDelirium

    RagingDelirium Valued Member

    As with all MA its always down to the quality of the instructor
    HO AM TKD (is basically an off shoot from ITF / ATA, loads of emphasis on the use of CAT moves (double moves (2x1/2 note in musical terms) & Hand attacks.

    Agreed the Promotion system could do with being changed to quaterly for coloured belts (which would improve the ITA's mcdojo reputation alot)
  5. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    I think I'd rather get genital warts than pay someone else to open your own club.
  6. Toe-Job

    Toe-Job Valued Member

    I think Genital Warts are definitely back in fashion. From personal experience I would be very cautious with the ITA. No doubt they can make money, that is what they specialize in. In the ITA standards vary, some people are very good, others are extremely poor.

    One thing I would be careful of is their contracts, deviate from it and they will sue you!

    Hope this helps

  7. FightingMonk2k3

    FightingMonk2k3 Valued Member

    Thanks for the input! As I was trying to look through their franchise material that was in front of me, I really did not like what I was seeing anyways. I would have preferred ATA's material anyways (I have family within that organization, and are very successful at their location). :)

    Don't get me wrong, having the Gracie JJ would have been a great help, HOWEVER (funny enough), one of the Gracie's just opened up a JJ club about 30min away from where I live.
  8. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    The main thing about a club is it's instructor. If you're good and people like you then you should fill anywhere, you don't need a franchise, just a big TKD sign.
  9. Custom Volusia

    Custom Volusia Valued Member

    I'm in the ITA and if it was something that you were still considering I would add a bit more, but for now I will just say it all comes down to the instrutor. You are the one that sets standards for your students. You are the one that grades and passes them. The ITA has nothing to do with if your students grade quickly. Just because they are allowed to test every two months does NOT mean that you have to let them or that you have to pass them.

    Anyways...if I was going to chose between the two, I would go with the ITA. The ATA has an even worse reputation then the ITA.

    Just my .02
  10. tkdbb3

    tkdbb3 Valued Member

    i was an ITA school owner for many years, I left the ITA when they went to the franchise model. There are way more good schools in the ITA than bad, but Bert Kollars and to a smaller extent Craig Kollars is the reason I left. If BK was the CEO of any other mainstream company he would have been fired years ago. He leads my bullying and intimidation. Oh its all roses and green fields as long as you do what he wants and don't question him, but if you do be ready for the sheriff to serve you with your lawsuit.
  11. Toe-Job

    Toe-Job Valued Member

    tkdbb3 is spot on!
  12. TKDstudent

    TKDstudent Valued Member

    Yes i think it usually comes down to the instructor. Do they know the knowledge themselves? Can they clearly communicate that knowledge to those that seek it, in a way that they will retain & grasp it so they can put it into effective use? Finally, do they enjoy sharing that knowledge?
  13. FightingMonk2k3

    FightingMonk2k3 Valued Member

    So it sounds like everyone agrees that the instructor should know their material like the back of their hand FIRST, before even considering opening up their own place. I will have to keep that in consideration then.

    As for the bullying thing, I haven't been around TKD on either ITA or ATA or WTA or any other TKD organization long enough to be able to verify who is the bigger bully or is the bully period. I have witnessed how one instructor was when he tested his students. The student that I saw that was singled out by this instructor, came in late to a test, by about 20-30minutes. What made the head instructor single him out and actually spar this student (which I feel that was inappropriate on the instructor's side, not the students side), was that the student was actually using a back hand on one of the black belts that was not wearing headgear.

    Not only did this instructor NOT ASK the student to stop and take a seat for the remainder of the test, the instructor took offense to the student acting this way, and actually sparred the student himself in front of everyone. If I remember right, the student still was able to pass the test while being late and actually being careless during his sparring segment while sparring a black belt. The black belt that was sparring this student, ended up having a few large red marks on one side of his head AND had to take a break from the test because of the strikes to the head. I do not recall if he received a small concussion or not.

    I do not recall off the exact organization he was with, but I THOUGHT IT SAID, ITA or WTA on his wall. I could be mistaken on that fact. But after that night, I never walked back in to his dojang after I saw how his attitude was with his students. I also found that this instructor was not really capable of answering simple questions. He just went around my question with another question and didn't bother to go back to my original question at all.
  14. RagingDelirium

    RagingDelirium Valued Member

    I would be very surprised if it was ITA as for normal sparring let alone testing full protection has to be worn (this includes head gear) no if's and but on this rule (and the gear must be in a reasonable state)
  15. TheAngle

    TheAngle Valued Member

    You don't pay someone else to open your school. lol
    It's not really your school.
    You pay for the name. You pay for them to tell you how to run the school, how to get students, etc.

    I am just wondering. Do you pay them percentage of your income or just one time for the right to use their name?
  16. STKDH

    STKDH Valued Member

    as far as i can remember you pay a franchise fee or so much then pay so much to the ita for each student that grades. This fee include certificates however and i believe the longer you own the school the smaller the fee gets. The school owners income is from tuition fees and selling stock and whatever extra they add on grading fees so the ita don't really take a massive amount from you that way

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