It isn't often the news makes me laugh...

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    hahaha man that vid is being saved
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    Awesome! :D thanks Sam. :p
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    thats gotta hurt!!

    GSHAMBROOKE Thats Tarm Sarm


    I worked in shopping centres for a long time about 11 years as a security guard and i have seen some funny things done buy crooks heres a few.

    I was doing a carpark patrol and noticed a pretty average looking male park his car jump out and quickly disappear into the centre.
    When he was out of sight i went over and looked in the car window and it looked like a womans car from all the things in it.
    The police station and court house was just accross the road from the shopping centre and i new the cops pretty well so i called them and asked if they could check a registration plate for me.
    The car was stolen so the cops came over and on the front seat was the mans court papers to do with a breaking and entering crime that he had committed.
    The man was in court when e was arrested for theft of a car.:):):):):):):):):)

    One day i and my work mate were called to a store in the centre called mister minute they fix shoes cut keys engrave things etc.
    When we got there the owner said my safe has been broken into all of the money has been stolen i had a look at the safe and said you have not been broken into there is no evidence of a break in no scratch marks no forced entry nothing, so he says to me in a sarcastic im better then you youre just a dum ass security guard tone, so how do you explaine the missing money sherlock.
    I looked very close into his eyes and said have you sacked anyone recently, his look answered the question i said there ya go dont ever call us again and walked off.
    The ex employee was chgarged with theft.:rolleyes:
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