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    i like to check out the various forums , some interesting reading..i'm getting the impression that a lot of people think that some m.a.'s are much better than others in "real-life" applications , which to a degree is probably true , but i can't help but think that the individual , and his/her temperament and physical makeup ,is an even more important factor ....i've known people over the years with no real m.a. or other training , who are no bigger or stronger than i am , who would still beat me like a drum due to their good fighting instincts and innate ferocity ...granted i am only a green belt in shorin-ryu karate and a green belt in sullivan's amer. kenpo ...some people seem to think a brown or black belt means automatic badass but i believe for some it's a false sense of security ...i believe in the old saying you fight like you practice...and "it ain't the arrow , it's the indian"...although a good arrow certainly helps...any opinions ??
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    Every individual gets out of their art what they put into it. Yes, there will always be someone that is bigger or smaller, that is stronger and better than you or me in this big world of ours. I have yet to meet a superhuman martial artist or person in general. :rolleyes:

    Oh, and the belt ranking system is just that......shows the progress of the student...akin to going from kindergarten to first grade and so on ;)
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    Experience is usually a factor that is often missed because in order to get experience you actually have to walk the walk (or get as close to it as you can). Knowledge is also important.

    What experience does for training is that it gives someone a better sense of what things are important. An experienced person would know exactly what you said about "his/her temperament and physical makeup" being important. Why don't people think about how martial artists are working on strength and conditioning a lot, it isn't just for health, it is for performance. Attitude, character, also very important, not just so that you can build trust and friendships but also that fighting spirit to never give up and accept the risks.

    Now here is something also important, knowledge. Knowledge is important for many reasons, for one, knowledge combined with experience usually makes a great story teller, someone that can give good information to others and at the same time inspire them to want to learn more and train hard.

    Knowledge should be the opposite of ignorance in the sense that one should be able to see things more clearly for what they are. Many, for example, say that martial arts is watered down throughout the years. I know this to be true, but not always from neglect, but many times because of safety concerns and moral values. This can be very important because you can be a martial artist training for years and come to realize that you aren't getting the whole picture, in fact you are missing out on the "real" techniques, but instead you only know a watered down version.

    Now the "real" techniques AREN'T necessarily better, in fact they might be a worse alternative to what youa already do well. The term "watered down" could be a very incorrect assumption. I only use the term "real" verse "watered down" to get your attention. Really what it is, is that there are different variations, sometimes more severe in damaging the opponent, that used to be taught to everyone, but now they aren't taught that way anymore and only a few know them and choose to pass on that knowledge.

    Having knowledge about such things really gives good perspective on how martial arts has evolved and the reasons why. This helps to prevent us from making the same mistakes over and over again. Also it helps to keep us on our toes and not get too comfortable with the way things are because of all the more possibilities out there that we might not otherwise have even considered.

    Just some thoughts.

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