Is there someone like this in your studio

Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by Shou Tu, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. Shou Tu

    Shou Tu New Member

    Whether it be a new student or advanced, the one person that is always there no matter what time you go in. They seem be full of conversation and next to no training? All they do is talk talk talk and are loud about it.

    anyone have students like this.

  2. David

    David Mostly AFK, these days

    Had one guy like that; he did train a lot out of class but spent his time in class sucking up to teacher and not training co-operatively when it was required - he had to win.

    Weird. Nice guy but hard to work with.

  3. Black Armor

    Black Armor I want your centerline!

    that won't happen at our school, the shifu that is the assistant is constantly making sure the lower ranks are kept busy practicing with a higher rank helping out. But once in awhile, i'd like to chit chat.
    Now I have seen a select few in the studio every single time I walk in! But they are in there training non-stop... I don't see how they do it. If I go into a group class, help out by giving my privates.. and work on my own material, lets say 2.5-3hrs worth total... i'm done, ready for dinner and bed... given I get up at 5am every day too!
  4. Kinjiro Tsukasa

    Kinjiro Tsukasa I'm hungry; got troll? Supporter

    We don't have anyone like this in my school. There are students who always seem to be in the dojo, but they are always training.
  5. Shou Tu

    Shou Tu New Member

    there is one student just started, has been shown 1st part of low orange already. but just stands there and talks instead of repetition training. I cant see how one could pay that money and not try to get everything out of it they can. Im in there stretching, work on some kicks stretch somemore, work on the techs im refreshing on. stretch (i know lot of stretching there blue) well i havent been using the tendons, muscles and movements in everyday life before i came back. so i must stretch until my body remembers. LOL

  6. Guerilla Fists

    Guerilla Fists New Member

    If I may troll a bit

    That's exactly why I show up as often as I do. We pay a pretty penny to learn what we study and logically it shouldn't be wasted with incessant chattering. The common theme in our studio is, "less yappin more smackin" or something like that. I think in the entire time I have been studying Shou Shu I have sporadically missed a total of around seven to nine days and that was due to illnesses and preparing for finals. Two of those days were the monday and tuesday of this week because as mentioned before I was sick, but my new years resolution was to strive for a perfect attendance record if not at least a ninety percent attendance record. Just something to strive for. Speaking of which, what were your new years goals in Shou Shu? At our studio our Shun Shifu actually sat us down and had us list out three goals. One short term, one long term, and one overall.
  7. Shou Tu

    Shou Tu New Member

    Short term: to attend at least three times a week
    Long term: to achieve green belt by the end of the yr
    Overall: To train and learn and achieve the highest ranking i can until im told i cant train anymore.
  8. Guerilla Fists

    Guerilla Fists New Member

    If you are high blue right now I don't think Brown would be too far out of reach. Are you doing 1 or 2 privates a week?
  9. shifu tiger

    shifu tiger enter my circle of death

    when i teach a lesson i talk a hell of alot. as a shifu u must be able to know what makes a student learn. as far as just mindless chatter we don't do that in our school. no matter what your paying u should always strive to get the very most out of your training. the people that stand around and talk are the ones who get left behind. now it can't be so regimented that it isn't fun, obviously there must be some communication and at times if i want to crack a joke i will to loosen people up. from my very first day in shou shu i set my short term and long term goals. i set my standards very high! tiger is awesome but not near where i want to be as a shou shu shifu. in fact they'll have to drag me off the mat half dead to get me to stop learning!!! make your goals lofty ones and challenge yourself. that's what makes shou shu so awesome because it challenges u in every way possible as a human being. keep your students moving, always moving...........

  10. Shou Tu

    Shou Tu New Member

    I am doing 1 private a week and group 3-4 times a week work schedule depending.

    always asking questions on certain movements when i think im straying away from the original intent.

  11. Xianghua

    Xianghua New Member

    What does this person talk about? Is it about Shou Shu or is it really just mindless chatter?

    When I first started I was a little insecure about practicing moves in front of other people unless it was in a large class. I hate being in the spotlight. Maybe this person is just a little insecure with themself and needs a little support. Try offering them assistence with their tequniques, give them pointers, and try to instill the importance of repetative training and muscle memory into their head. :woo:
  12. Shadow_NxtGen

    Shadow_NxtGen New Member

    There are a few students that come to mind at the academy i attend. My SiFu is contracted by a high school to teach classes and there is always at least one student who always want to goof off and chit chat. It can be grinding somethimes, i thought i was the only one with that problem! :p
  13. Starboy

    Starboy New Member

    There are a couple of students like this at my school, I think the two of them are best friends or something. Then spend their time acting pretty snotty to everyone but the instructors and some of the higher ranking students. To them they are some serious ass-kissers. Even when they belt, they snub off anyone that is a lower belt than themselves. All they are trying to do is belt as fast as they can. We all started about the same time, but they're a belt ahead of me. I don't even see how they are belting so fast, their posture is pretty horrible, and they make so many mistakes in their forms.

    As much as I dislike them, I find them pretty easy to ignore. My only reason for learning Kung Fu is for myself, so I don't really care what others do. The only thing is that I would never address them with the respectful title for an elder student. Sure, they're belting faster, but all they are getting is belts, not skill. I'm almost tempted to remind them that "Kung Fu" means "hard work" not "kiss ass". :D
  14. guran

    guran Valued Member

    There are always a few students that think that the color of their belt is the goal. They will fall by the wayside while you actually continue to learn. It sounds like you have a place to train that you like and a style that you enjoy. Don't screw that up by not addressing these students properly and possibly being seen as a disgruntled troublemaker! They will just think that you are jealous in any case. You have nothing to lose by letting them indulge themselves in a little fantasy, and everything to gain by continuing your training. You will still be there when they have gone.
  15. Guerilla Fists

    Guerilla Fists New Member

    Have any of you ever teached a kids group? OMG, I helped instruct the my first kids group yesterday and it was like having a room full of those kinds of people. There are many kids who work hard and are serious about learning and I admire them for their maturity so don't get me wrong. But a lot of the kids just want to clown around all the time and it's frusterating beyond imagine. What is even more frusterating is that you can't show your frusteration. But it builds character...I suppose.
  16. Starboy

    Starboy New Member

    A bit of a side note: I doubt I'm going to continue much longer with this school. It's Wushu-Kung Fu. There's more acrobatics and flashy/showy stuff than actual martial arts. Not that I mind the difficult movements (I prefer the challenge), but some of what we do seems rather impractical and inefficient for any kind of real combat application. Not that I want to be a fighter, but I look at MA holistically (the practical, physical, philosophical, etc.) and the acrobatics don't really contribute anything but glam. I'm not really surprised as the school has a team that competes internationally, but I would have thought the instruction would be a bit more grounded for those who don't want to go in that direction. I really wanted to get into something like Wing Chun, Bagua, or a more traditional KF style, but I've yet to find anything in the area. In the meantime, something is better than nothing.

    And besides, I am a troublemaker. :D
  17. Shou Tu

    Shou Tu New Member

    Try Kenpo, Since Shou' Shu' isnt in your area that would be the closet thing to practical fighting instruction that you could find.
  18. Starboy

    Starboy New Member

    I don't even think I have that in my area. Within a 45 minute drive, I basically have the school I go to now and a bunch of franchise schools (which I refuse to ever go to). I'm still looking, but there isn't much of a MA community around here, so there are not a lot of resources for me to tap into.

    I was also kinda hoping to stick with CMA for now. Though if I were to go Japanese, I'd be leaning more toward Aikido. But like I said, there's really nothing in my area.

    Furthermore, practical fighting isn't as important has finding an art that doesn't throw stuff in just because it looks cool.
  19. Shou Tu

    Shou Tu New Member

    Thats true, Good luck in your search. its hard to find a teacher that doesnt want to look cool for his own financial Gain. Most are off shoots of another style claiming they have what the other doesnt.


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